Flat Iron Basics

See how the features of your straightener can benefit your hair type and texture—and discover its styling versatility.

Plate Size

  • 2" plates: best for sleek, long hair styles
  • 1 1/2" plates: best for thick, coarse or curly
  • 1" plates: play with versatile looks—like waves and curls—on many hair types
  • Use mini plates for short hair and bangs

Dual Voltage

  • Dual voltage flat irons can accept 110-120v and 220-240v
  • They work overseas—don’t forget your adapter!

Temperature Control

  • Love your fine hair by using a lower heat setting
  • To avoid damage, never flat iron any hair type above 450°
  • Always apply a heat protectant before straightening

Heat Index

Discover the ideal flat iron temperature based on your hair type.

Fine or chemically treated hair: up to 300°

Healthy or medium textured hair: 300-380°

Coarse, curly or thick hair: 350-450°

Style Inspiration

Love these looks? Try the tips below.

Straight & Sleek

Choose a standard 1” hair straightener to create this classic, confident style.

Tousled & Wavy

Choose a flat iron with a beveled (rounded) edge to create waves without bends on the ends.

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