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Ulta Beauty’s AI-powered personalization platform.

This platform leverages AI to update and evolve data in real-time, reacting to each guest’s interactions within all marketing, social and sales channels. By capturing each guest’s level of engagement with our products, offers, and experiences, Quazi™ proactively recommends the most relevant content.

Capabilities powered by Quazi™ include:

  • Product Recommendations: Guests can receive product recommendations in any marketing, social and / or sales channel - Including individual replenishment reminders.
  • Offer Recommendations: Guests receive offer recommendations that are personalized for their preferences.
  • Virtual Beauty Advisor: Guests can interact with our Virtual Beauty Advisor to answer questions tailored to their preferences resulting in recommendations that are uniquely their own.
  • Personalized Search: searching within our digital channels is personalized to present results in rank order relevant to each guest. Complex searches leverage Natural Language Processing capabilities within the Quazi™ platform to build up Ulta’s Beauty language to pinpoint even more accurate results.
Digital Innovation by Ulta Beauty