Sparked at Ulta Beauty


Sparked at Ulta Beauty™

Meet the latest collection of emerging brands with products and stories that help you see possibilities in a whole new light.


Hello, healthy scalp. Divi’s gentle products address the root of hair loss and thinning—empowering people to build confidence-boosting routines. It’s no wonder we love this brand.

Why you’ll love it

Easy to incorporate into your current routine. Your scalp will thank you.


Gentle, at-home hair removal? Yes, please. We love Sugardoh’s approach: all natural, compostable sugaring paste that doesn’t pull or irritate skin.

Why you’ll love it

A gentler, kinder way to part with hair you’re not feeling.


POV: You’re back from dinner with friends—snoring with a full face of makeup on. Youthforia gets it. Makeup so good for your skin, it’s actually safe to sleep in.

Why you’ll love it

A totally valid excuse for waking up in last night’s makeup.


An ode to self-expression. We love that Halsey’s vibrant, multidimensional makeup line is built on the truth that no one is just one thing.

Why you’ll love it

Buildable, versatile formulas. Pigment-packed hues for every mood and occasion.