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Treslúce Beauty

A vibrant ode to Latin American heritage. We love how global artist Becky G created Treslúce with her roots at the heart of it all.

Why you’ll love it

Instant mood boosts. Bright hues and clean, vegan-friendly formulas.


Keep it simple. We’re loving Sk*p’s clean hair and bodycare in fully recyclable packaging – shower additions that are better for the planet.

Why you’ll love it

Big sustainability moves. A 100% recyclable paper-based carton (that’s shower-friendly, too).


POV: You just dyed your hair at home (with vegan, cruelty-free dye)—and there’s no mess. So yeah, we're obsessed.

Why you’ll love it

Clean hair dye. No ammonia. No fuss.


SPF that smells like your favorite sunny memories—with broad-spectrum protection and reef-friendly formulas to boot.

Why you’ll love it

Guaranteed compliments. Impossible to forget to reapply.


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