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Black-owned and founded brands

Black brilliance. Made for all.


Whole-plants, superfoods, adaptogens—great when you eat them and great added to bath time. Homebody products harness the power of beauty botanicals to focus on radical self-care so that you can thrive and reveal a happier, healthier you.

The brains behind it

Founders Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra and Christiana Grammer are sisters, best friends and lifetime business partners. After experiencing burnout firsthand, they longed to transform traditional bath time into a full sensory, self-healing, whole-body experience.

Black Owned Brands Nude Sugar
Nude Sugar

Let every self-care day be more like a spa day. Nude Sugar is a luxury body care line designed to promote healthy skin all over. With a signature scent of notes like Peruvian lime, orange and vanilla, the formulas are both obsession-worthy and effective.

The brains behind it

Toni Michelle Braxton needs no introduction—whether you know her from her singing, acting or philanthropic efforts. It’s her entrepreneurial spirit, though, that led to the launch of the lotions and scents she’s been craving for years.

Black Owned Brands Rosen

ROSEN was created to bring the breakout space up to date. With modern research and ingredients to support diverse skin types, shopping for acne care just got a whole lot more enjoyable. Clear, prevent and treat pimples, blackheads and scarring.

The brains behind it

Jamika Martin was tired of the lackluster options for acne care. Her own breakouts were the catalyst for ROSEN, putting research-backed ingredients first.

Black Owned Brands Luv Scrub
Luv Scrub

Your softest skin ever is just a shower away. The magical Luv Scrub mesh gently exfoliates to help with dead skin, ingrown hairs, body acne and more. Inspired by West African traditions, lather it up with your favorite soap or body wash to experience the luv.

The brains behind it

Caroline Owusu-Ansah has been using mesh to exfoliate since she was five years old. When she realized that many people had never tried it, she decided to use her love of brand building to share it with the masses.

Black Owned Brands Mielle

Since 2014, Mielle has been spreading the message that healthier ingredients encourage healthier hair. The organic and natural products are designed to work for all types of textured hair, whether you have waves, curls or coils.

The brains behind it

Founder and former registered nurse, Monique Rodriguez, wanted healthier products for her and her family—so she made them. She shared her hair journey online and the rest is history, with enthusiastic customers all over the world.