Hair Dryer Basics

See how the features of your dryer can benefit your hair type and texture—and don't forget to blast that cool shot!


  • Fits over the nozzle
  • Directs the air flow for quicker drying and less frizz
  • Included with many hair dryers


  • Swap it out here in place of your concentrator—fits
    over nozzle
  • Minimizes frizz on
    curly hair types
  • Use on low speed until hair is 80% dry to avoid frizz


  • Higher wattage dries hair more quickly
  • Thick or coarse hair: use 1,600-2000w
  • Fine or thin hair: use 1,200-1,500w

Cool Shot

  • Seals the hair cuticle after heat styling
  • Sets your style with lasting finish
  • Prevents additional heat damage