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Style Setters

To the icons and trend setters in the fashion space

Journalist, CEO & Founder, EveryStylishGirl

Nana Agyemang

Nana Agyemang has worked as a journalist for some of culture’s most iconic publications. And now, she’s working toward inclusivity in spaces that desperately need representation. As the CEO and founder of the inclusive media company, EveryStylishGirl, Nana is pushing for Black and Brown advancement in finance, fashion and beauty.

Fashion & Beauty Director, Editor

Kahlana Barfield Brown

Kahlana Barfield Brown has carved a niche for herself in the hyper-competitive world of fashion and beauty publishing. She studied Journalism and Fashion Merchandising at Howard University, which led her to a career at one of fashion world’s top magazines in New York City. Kahlana spent a decade climbing the ranks, holding titles ranging from Intern to Beauty Director. Today, Kahlana serves as a beauty and fashion expert, stylist, on-air talent, and ambassador for leading fashion brands around the world. As a mother to two beautiful daughters, Kahlana aims to empower and inspire young Black women through her inspired content, demonstrated work ethic, and partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Content Creator & Founder, And I Get Dressed

Kellie Brown

Kellie is a body positivity powerhouse, on a mission to be a trailblazer for inclusivity in the media and beyond. She lends style advice to thousands via her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. As the founder of the style community, And I Get Dressed, she has created a destination for stylish women from all walks of life to see themselves reflected beyond the “limitations” of body type or size. Kellie is famously known for her hashtag #FatAtFashionWeek, which illustrates that no matter your size, you can have a love for fashion and be included in the narrative.

Founder & CEO, Harlem Fashion Row and Icon360

Brandice Daniel

Brandice Daniel has been doing the work. In May 2007, she created Harlem Fashion Row, a movement to uplift and empower designers of color. Through brand strategy, media, events, mentorship, and connections, she has helped innumerable designers take their brands to the next level. And during the pandemic, Brandice took HFR to its next one. She created Icon360, an HFR nonprofit devoted to giving designers impacted by the pandemic the financial relief they need to get back to business.

Editor & Podcast Host

Naomi Elizée

Armed with the resilience and perseverance instilled in her by her Haitian heritage, Naomi is a force to be reckoned with. As market editor at a leading magazine, she constantly advocates for Black voices in fashion. Her podcast, “So… What Do You Do Again?” highlights the lives of women of color in the business and gives young women an insight into it. Her goal is to inspire the next generation of Black executives, and she’s well on her way to doing so.

Style Influencer, Designer, Founder & Body Positivity Activist

Gabi Gregg

“When you only see certain sizes represented or are left out of the shopping experience because your size doesn’t exist, how are you not left feeling less-than?”. Gabi is on a mission to change that. She burst onto the style scene in 2012 when she broke the internet with a photo of herself in a bikini captioned #Fatkini. Since then, she’s gone on to be a body-positive activist, designer, style influencer, and overall pioneer leading the plus-size space. Her work has helped expand not just the people brands represent in their ads but the actual products brands are making.

Stylist, Brand & Strategy Director, Theophilio, & Founder, Black Fashion Fair

Antoine Gregory

Antoine's dedication to the preservation and documentation of Black fashion, style, and culture, led him to found Black Fashion Fair, a platform dedicated to uplifting Black designers through commerce and education. The site includes a marketplace, selling products by emerging Black fashion designers with proceeds going back to the community. It also includes editorial stories, films, and an archive of over 250 Black figures in fashion. Antoine is helping rewrite the history and future of the industry by making sure the people who play a monumental role in shaping it are no longer left out of the narrative.

Digital Marketer, Content Producer & Creator of Brown Girl Hands

Hannah Harris

When Hannah Harris noticed most hand models in the beauty category were white, she took matters into her own hands—literally. She created @BrownGirlHands, an Instagram page showcasing the beauty of Black and brown hands in product photography. Her work has inspired some of the biggest names in the industry to introduce diversity to this sector of beauty and has set a new benchmark that all product photography can and should follow.

Fashion & Beauty Director, Public Speaker

Rajni Jacques

Rajni has been leading the editorial world for the last two decades. Her unique eye has solidified her as one of the industry’s leading fashion creatives. . Today, she’s the head of Fashion & Beauty at one of social media’s leading companies, but more than that, she’s a community builder. In fact, her passion project is Building Black Bed-Stuy, a mission to protect, preserve, and provide financial relief for local Black-owned businesses and organizations.

Content Creator & Stylist

Kia Marie

Kia knows the sneaker game is about much more than looks. Growing up in NYC, she used it as a tool to stand out in a sea of students in uniform and as a form of self-expression. She’s still doing the same, but now with social media., using her platform to empower women to be their most unapologetic selves. She advocates a more sustainable lifestyle via her #sneakersandsustainability effort. Not only does the NYC kickfluencer flaunt her own personal style, she invites others to do the same, especially other Black women. She lives by the quote, “less consuming & more creating and styling!”

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