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Author, Public Speaker & Podcaster

Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Born in Nigeria and bred in Chicago, Luvvie is a self-proclaimed professional troublemaker. As a two-time best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host, Luvvie’s work as a culture critic and truthteller has brought her much acclaim. She hosts a podcast, “Professional Troublemaker,” where she has amazing conversations with trailblazers who have committed to living life loudly, with courage and conviction. She is a past recipient of the Women’s Media Center’s Social Media Award for using her voice and humor to amplify issues surrounding gender, racial and social justice.

Content Creator, Podcaster & Product Marketing Manager, Instagram

Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli

After not being able to find meaningful beauty conversations with women of color, Brooke set out to create what she so wanted to hear. She created her podcast, Naked Beauty, in 2016 to uplift and tell the stories of amazing women in Beauty through her unique lens as a Black woman. Brooke also loves highlighting her favorite Black-owned beauty products in her beauty community.

Dancer, Content Creator & Comedian

Alexis Feacher

Alexis Feacher (aka Young BBQ) is a dancer, and comedian turned content creator whose passion for music, dance, fashion, and beauty has led her to entertaining videos that uplift and inspire her community. A young and fresh voice, she is known for recreating iconic moments in pop culture both past and present—as well as her humor, authenticity, and anything-goes attitude. Short for “Beautiful Black Queen,” the 21-year-old challenged herself to nurture her creativity and bring new ideas to life that make people laugh and feel good.

Photographer, Director & Founder, TONL, Street Etiquette

Joshua Kissi

Joshua Kissi is a Ghanaian-American creative entrepreneur specializing in photography and filmmaking, as well as the cofounder of TONL, a culturally diverse stock imagery company aiming to change the aesthetics of stock photography. But that’s not all. Joshua’s also the cofounder of Street Etiquette— a creative agency that produces visual content through a cultural, historical and urban lens. His work has already been celebrated by the world’s leading publications and he’s just getting started. No matter what lens he chooses, Kissi’s work consistently elevates Black visibility and communities of color, while humanizing and diminishing stereotypes and prejudices in the images he creates.

Head of Social, Refinery29 Unbothered, Founder, Camp Coconut

Laurise McMillian

Laurise McMillian is dedicated to the success of her community, and it shows. As the Head of Social at Refinery29 Unbothered, she’s creating digital spaces for Black women. Her vertical celebrates Black art, voices and stories. She even created an online space called Camp Coconut to help PoC creatives connect and empower each other.

Model, Public Speaker, Writer & Trans Advocate


Devin-Norelle is a professional model, public speaker, opinion writer, and trans advocate changing the future for the better. Devin-Norelle (Ze/Zim/Zis) has contributed to several top-shelf publications and recently walked in fashion shows that have benefited a Pride campaign. Ze is passionate about uplifting the trans and non-binary communities and has been awarded for advocacy. Through the Phluid Project, Devin-Norelle facilitates individual D&I Gender Expansive training to create a more inclusive world.

Visual Artist, Author & Educator

Reyna Noriega

Reyna’s superpower is her immense creativity – and she’s using it to change the world. Drawing from her experience as an Afro-Latina and educator, her art uses layers of paint and pixels to peek into her life, culture, and experiences. She uses her love for diversity and creativity so women can recognize themselves, feel represented, and empowered. Through simplified shapes and forms in bold and vibrant shades, she portrays figures of people of color, architectural spaces, and landscapes. She has written for some of the internet’s favorite sites and published her book, “Prose & Cons” in June of 2017.

Journalist, Host, & TV Personality

Lola Ogunnaike

Lola has had the nation covered for over two decades. As a journalist, she’s spent her career reporting on key events in entertainment, popular culture, and politics. Over the span of her career, she has interviewed a range of notable figures and celebrities. Not only is she one of the dynamic voices leading the future, she’s uplifting Black voices while doing so. Africa’s leading women’s magazine recently named her one of the continent’s “20 Most Influential Leaders.”

Activist, Blogger, Feminist & Founder

Candace Reels

Candace Reels is the founder of Female Collective, an online platform to seed self-love and empathy in order to bring new perspective to individual lives. The digital community she has cultivated creates space for vulnerable conversations, traditionally taboo topics, and culturally charged issues like body positivity and Black Lives Matter. Candace is committed to creating a community of women empowerment, growth, self-expression, and freedom.

Experience Producer & Founder, The Vanity Group

Karleen Roy

Karleen is the queen of luxury events. After graduating from Howard University, Roy moved to NYC and quickly took the music industry by storm. She was an executive assistant for one of the most iconic people in the industry and from there, went on to found The Vanity Group. There, she’s combined her business savvy with her luxury lifestyle expertise to create once-in-a-lifetime events for her very A-list clients.

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