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Fearless Founders

The founders changing the face of beauty and taking the industry shelves by storm

Founder, Sunday II Sunday, KuKua, Supply Factory, and more

Keenan Beasley

“Black business is good business.” As an entrepreneur, visionary, and overall industry disrupter, Keenan Beasley should know. He is the founder of several brands including Venture Noire, an initiative that connects corporations with Black businesses. Keenan’s love for art, tech, and creativity has led him to open his own advertising film BLKBOX, and change how we share stories.

Founder, The Honey Pot

Bea Dixon

Bea Dixon took a dream from an ancestor and created history. Using her expertise in pharmaceuticals, natural foods, and passion for wellness to build The Honey Pot Company. This plant-derived vaginal care system is a healthy alternative, free of unwanted chemicals and ingredients. When she’s not busy running her award-winning company, Bea is passing down her black girl magic to young go-getters just like her.

Founder, Mented Cosmetics

KJ Miller & Amanda Johnson

Their quest to find the perfect nude lipstick lead to the creation of Mented Cosmetics. The pigment-first beauty brand helps women of color feel seen, empowered, and beautiful in their perfect shade. This dynamic duo is unapologetic about putting black women (and their lips!) in the beauty industry spotlight.

Creator and Founder, Black Girl Sunscreen

Shontay Lundy

Shontay Lundy has the spotlight on her and women of color with Black Girl Sunscreen. This SPF 30 lotion was formulated with black skin in mind. Unlike many sunscreens, Black Girl Sunscreen dries clear, protecting melanin without the white cast. Shontay wants to educate women of color on the importance of wearing sunscreen and inspire young entrepreneurs worldwide.

Founder, ROSEN

Jamika Martin

“After trying all the solutions, then trying them all again, I knew there had to be a better way.” Jamika’s inspiration for her skincare brand was her 12-year old self. As a middle schooler she was prone to acne. Finally, in undergrad she discovered beauty is not skin deep. The outdated skincare and old remedies did not fit her needs. So, she set out to create something that did, Rosen. Rosen is taking a clean-ical approach to skincare, so we can change the way we see breakouts.

Founder, Kreyol Essence

Yve Car Momperousse & Stephane Jean Baptiste

This husband-wife team are on a mission to make local and global change with Kreyól Essence. This is the first company to bring products from Haiti to the world. Not only are the products natural and ethical, but the proceeds go on to create more sustainable jobs and more opportunities for women. Their brand is directly contributing to the socio-economics in Haiti. With roots as strong as theirs, we’re bound to see more from this duo.

CEO/Founder, Ami Colé

Diarrha N'Diaye-Mbaye

As a first-generation Senegalese-American, Diarrha spent a lot of time around the women who frequented her mother’s Harlem braiding shop. During those years, she became enamoured with Black beauty. Today, she is the founder and CEO of Ami Colé , a brand made to make Black and Brown communities in beauty the focus instead of the background. She continues to use her platform to shatter stereotypes and empower women of color.

Founder, BeautyStat

Ron Robinson

Ron is the mastermind behind many of the most innovative products in beauty. As a seasoned chemist, Ron lives at the intersection of science and cosmetics. His 20 years of brand and product experience helped launch BeautyStat, an influencer agency that helps brands and people connect with experts like himself. Ron has created a space for Black men in the beauty industry. He’s also a resident beauty expert at your favorite beauty publications.

Founder, MIELLE

Monique Rodriguez

Founder of MIELLE, Monique began her journey with the intent to help as many people as she could get beautiful healthy hair. Seven years later, she has built an empire. Monique’s commitment goes far beyond her growing company, as she shares her business savvy through her weekly empowering mentoring sessions on Instagram. Monique’s goal: to make sure the women around her feel both beautiful and powerful.

CEO/Founder, Camille Rose

Janell Stephens

When her children began suffering from chronic eczema, Janelle Stephens looked to her vegan lifestyle to provide the answer. Unlike many brands that use harsh chemicals, Janelle started mixing natural, food grade ingredients in her kitchen. After years of treating her family with her gourmet blends, Janelle launched Camille Rose, a natural hair care brand. Her mantra: “Whatever you put on your body should be good enough to put in it.”

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