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Hair Raisers

The hairstylists and influencers who are changing the hair game one loc, braid, twist and strand at a time

Celebrity Hairstylist, Entrepreneur, & Founder of The Academy

Yene Damtew

Yene Damtew has come a long way from her parents garage. That’s where she opened her first salon as a teenager. Today, she owns two salons and has even served as a personal stylist for the Obama family. She’s also founded The Academy, a business mentorship program, inspiring not only us, but generations to come.

Celebrity Hairstylist & Founder. Vernon François Hair Care

Vernon François

It’s okay if you didn’t wake up like this. Celebrity hairstylist, educator, and founder Vernon François is on a mission to help people erase fear of managing their own hair at home. Instead, he wants us to embrace the shape, volume, and personality of every strand on our head. He’s created some of the most A-list hairstyles on “kinky, coily, curly, wavy, and straight” hair. Vernon is making hair maintenance accessible for everyone, so no curl pattern is left behind.

CEO/Founder, Latched and Hooked Beauty

Tiffini Gatlin

Tiffini is a blogger turned beauty boss. This founder and CEO of Latched and Hooked Beauty, a 100% woman owned and operated beauty brand, dubs herself as the original creator of textured, pre-curled and looped, synthetic hair. Tiffini is passionate about expanding Black women and girls’ access to safer beauty and she won’t stop until anyone can get their hands on her products at mass retail outlets.

Content creator & Founder, Alikay Naturals

Rochelle Graham-Campbell

Rochelle changed the lives of thousands of Black women with three simple letters: LOC. As the creator of the coined LOC (Leave-in, Oil, Cream) method, Rochelle is an OG in the natural hair YouTube movement. To continue teaching Black women how to love and maintain their crowns, she founded Alikay Naturals, a luxury line of organic hair and skin care products. All of Rochelle’s work led her to receive YouTube’s Silver Play Button award and be featured across multiple magazines and publications.

Celebrity Natural hair Stylist & Speaker

Felicia Leatherwood

Just call her “The Hair Whisperer”. After 26 years in the beauty industry, Felicia Leatherwood is who people trust to restore their natural hair. But, hair care isn’t just something she does; it’s what she teaches. Felicia travels the world as an inspirational beauty speaker hosting hair care workshops under her “Loving Your Hair with Natural Care” brand. She is the creator of the Detangler Brush that so many curly haired people use today. With this dedication to natural hair it’s no surprise she has a vast A-list celebrity clientele.

Hair Stylist, Entrepreneur, & Creative Director

Michelle O'Connor

Michelle was born to create. As a child she spent many years in performing arts where she grew a love for another type of art—hairstyling. Michelle’s love for hair grew into a career as an in-demand hairstylist, salon owner, and creative director for beauty and fashion brands. Michelle continues to turn heads. Her work can be seen in music videos, commercials, and editorial shoots.

Content creator

Jewellianna Palencia

Jewellianna turned her hobby into a career. As a YouTuber who started in college, Jewellianna knows how to keep it real. Her YouTube is full of content for curly hair, fashion hauls, and lifestyle vlogs. Her followers on TikTok and YouTube know they can always turn to her because she goes for affordable products. Jewellianna is helping Black women to take better care of themselves—one TikTok at a time.

Celebrity Hairstylist ​

Lacy Redway

“A lot of my inspiration are things from my past” says Lacy Redway, known for making waves in and beyond beauty. When she isn’t transforming looks, she’s transforming her community by mentoring future artists. Her proficiency with all hair textures has allowed her to acquire celebrity clientele and appear across several leading publications.

Founder, True + Pure Texture & Owner, Salon PK

Pekela Riley

Pekela Riley wanted a career where she could channel the “art of showcasing beauty”—and she has done just that. Whether behind the salon chair or in front of a boardroom, Pekela doesn’t just create; she transforms. From creating Texture Curriculums for international hair brands, to owning one of the “Top 100 Salons in America” Pekela has always been at the creative forefront in Black hair.

CEO/Founder, CurlBOX

Myleik Teele

Myleik Teele is the mastermind behind curlBOX, the first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair. As founder and CEO, Myleik is the definition of a businesswoman. She’s used her career in PR to forge dynamic partnerships with several leading brands. Myleik is on a mission to help Black women live easier, beautiful lives with the products they deserve.

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