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Well Makers

To those leaders & founders celebrating the beauty of wellness and mental health

Founders, Brown Girl Jane

Tai Beauchamp, Malaika Jones, & Nia Jones

Tai Beauchamp, Malaika Jones, and Nia Jones are a powerful trio shifting and shaking the wellness and beauty industry. They came together to create BROWN GIRL Jane, an initiative designed to create products, and a community, that helps bring balance and healing to the body, mind and spirit for women of color. Their goal is to encourage women to maintain a wellness routine to help heal and better themselves, from the inside out.


Aeshia DeVore Branch

Aeshia DeVore Branch is in the business of making fitness fun. As a new mom, she was mystified to learn how childhood obesity disproportionately affects minority communities. Since then, she has been positively changing lives and families. Her wellness company, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, aims to help women of color start a healthy fitness journey.

Actress, Coach, & Founder, Mavenelle

Ivirlei Brookes

“My passion is helping women discover their dreams and finding the most authentic paths to achieving them.” Ivirlei is the master of mantras. Using affirmations and daily encouragement, Ivirlei is giving ambitious women the tools and inspiration they need. She’s an advocate for Black women practicing self-care and have helped many recognize their own inherent power. Need to level up? Ivirlei will get you there.

Psychiatrist & Host of “In Session Live: With Dr. Jess”

Dr. Jessica Clemons

You know Dr. Jessica Clemons as the internet’s favorite psychiatrist. She uses her Instagram platform for good, normalizing conversations on mental health and wellness in the Black community. There’s no stopping Dr. Clemons continues. As a host on a TV special and contributor to various publications she continues to make safe spaces for Black and brown people.

Author, Teacher, and Healing Coach

Alexandra Elle

The words of Alexandra Elle move people around the world, daily. She’s an author, teacher, and podcast host “on a mission to build community and self-care practices through literature and language”. Alexandra herself found writing through therapy and journaling. Today, she builds community through workshops and retreats centered on helping Black women find their voice through words.

Motivational Speaker, Self Love Educator & Founder, The Self Love Organization INC

Denise Francis

Denise is the poster girl for self-love & advocate for Black mental health. She founded ‘The Self Love Organization INC’ an online wellness community curated for Black women to join and heal from generational trauma together. She doesn’t stop there. Denise continues the self-care on her YouTube channel that caters to natural hair, lifestyle, and wellness. She’s embracing herself and encouraging other Black women to join this self-love journey.

Founder & Director, Sista Afya

Camesha Jones

As the inspiring founder/director of Sista Afya, Camesha tirelessly advocates for the mental wellness of Black women. Every day, she works to provide women battling mental health challenges with the knowledge, support and resources necessary to feel better and live a full life. Having suffered a mental health condition for years, Camesha uses her firsthand experience, combined with years of social work, to break down the barriers in the mental health space and make mental wellness accessible, affordable and achievable.

Dermatologist & Founder, Tone Dermatology

Dr. Caroline Robinson

Dr. Caroline Robinson has Chicago skincare in the palm of her hands. She founded Tone Dermatology, an innovative and inclusive practice for Black skin and an advocate for diversity in dermatology. Dr. Caroline is focused on the areas that affect Black people. Her expertise in alopecia and dermatology have opened eyes to the inequities in skin and healthcare for people of color.

Model & Health and Wellness Coach

Millana Snow

Millana Snow knows how to take breathtaking photos and lead breathwork exercises. This model turned wellness expert is now on a mission to help everyone find deep healing and connection. Her company, Wellness Official is a resource to her followers, other brands, and A-List celebrities. Millana is a force making holistic healing more accessible for self-care practices.

Founder, Golde

Trinity Mouzon Wofford

At just 25 years old, Trinity Mouzon Wofford became a record breaking businesswoman. The Superwoman of superfoods is the co-founder of Golde, a 100% natural and vegan-friendly brand. She’s diversifying the wellness space making it more applicable for people who look like her. Trinity has only just begun building her empire.

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