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Story Shifters

For those telling the stories of Black beauty: editors, journalists, activists, media mavens

Content Creator, Model, Producer, Podcast & Radio Host, Media Personality

Scottie Beam

Scottie Beam is a force to be reckoned with. Growing up, she was supported by a circle of Black women and fueled by a love of music. Today, she’s thriving in a career that combines the two. She burst onto the radio scene and quickly gave voice to Black women in a white-male dominated field. Now her voice is being heard and shared across nearly every stream of media. With her, she’s bringing up other Black women, creating shows, podcasts, playlists and more to make sure they have the platform and confidence to share their voices, too.

Author, Writer, Editor, & Body Positivity Activist

Sesali Bowen

Sesali is a self-proclaimed Bad Fat Black Girl. Which, if you know her, is the best thing to be. The writer, author, influencer and content creator is the queen of body positivity, a Black girl champion and a beacon of modern feminism, her framework heavily inspired by female rap and trap music. You can hear her share that love on her podcast ‘Purse First’, the only podcast on female and queer rap.

Writer, Author & Actor

Keah Brown

“I thought makeup was only for the beautiful and beautiful was something I had believed I would never be.” But once a friend invited Keah Brown to experiment with it, she discovered it was a powerful tool of self-expression, self-love and independence. Today, through her writing, featured in some of the world’s top publications, acting, and viral hashtag #DisabledAndCute she’s changing the world’s perception of differently-abled people and empowering others in her community to proudly flaunt their own beauty, just like she is.

Activist, Author, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur

Rachel Cargle

Rachel Cargle is the author, speaker and activist standing unflinchingly at the forefront of antiracism. Her work is focused on the overlap of inequalities among different groups. With her studies and writings, she’s changing the face of modern-day feminism and social media. Her intellect and knack for conversation-starting, has helped her turn her platform into a place to both share knowledge and invite people to critically evaluate the knowledge they already hold: “Here’s how you show up. Knowledge + empathy + action. If you take one away, you’re performing”.

Journalist, Editor, Public Speaker, Host & Fashion Writer

Marjon Carlos

Marjon Carlos—journalist, editor, public speaker and creator/host of IGTV series ‘Your Favorite Auntie’—really is your cool aunt. She created her show to share wisdom and advice from her own life with young, aspiring creatives. A life that involves over a decade of working in the highest tier of fashion and using that as an entry point to celebrate culture and Black women.

Writer, Director, Producer & Editor

Matthew A Cherry

“I want to normalize how Black fathers and men are seen. They are present and will do anything for their kids.” That’s exactly what Matthew A. Cherry, former professional football player turned Academy Award winner, is doing with Hair Love. His animated short film about a father attempting to help his daughter do her hair for the first time, was an instant hit. It celebrates Black love, from loving your hair to the love between a father and a daughter. Since its Academy Award win, it’s been adapted into a book and TV series.

*quote a summation of multiple interviews

Activist, Writer, Producer & Cultural Commentator

Michaela Angela Davis

Michaela Angela Davis is an image activist, a role she coined and defines as being in the business of telling stories that support and celebrate people of color. And her stories know no limits. She’s used fashion, writing and TV to transform people’s perceptions about Black women. Whether she’s using clothing or words, she is a true storyteller committed to her culture and making sure it is shown in its brightest light.

Actress, Model, Producer & Activist

Jari Jones

What can’t Jari Jones do? She’s an actor, model, creative and activist empowering other Trans and Queer People of Color by fiercely being herself and inviting them to do the same. Whether she’s changing beauty standards as the new face of high-fashion or expanding the narratives of Hollywood with a history-making film debut, she’s breaking multiple glass ceilings to make room for those who have been left behind for too long.

Comedian, Host & Author

Akilah Hughes

Author and comedian Akilah is the wise older sister to thousands on the internet. She most known for her work on Crooked Media's “What A Day” podcast, where her comedic voice helps listeners understand what matters and how they can fix it. You can also read and laugh along to all of Akilah's incredible experiences in her collection of personal essays titled, “Obviously: Stories from my Timeline."

Poet, Writer, LGBTQ+ Advocate

Jasmine Mans

Jasmine is a poet whose writing spans generations. Her words tell the stories of all the Black women in her life, from herself as a child to her mother to her mother’s mother. Whether written or spoken, her poems stun with truth and grace. And, her work is opening doors for more queer storytellers in the genre. She’s a burgeoning voice of our generation and the voice of our MUSE film.

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