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Makeup Magicians

To those making the world more beautiful – artists & innovators in the makeup space

Beauty & Content Creator, CCO of We Are Fluide

Dev Doee

Makeup savant and chief creative officer at We Are Fluide(NB), Dev is an artist and content creator focusing on bright, bold looks that tell compelling stories that go beyond makeup. In fact, Dev uses their platform to highlight aspects of the LGBTQ+ community, ranging from the importance of using proper pronouns to amazing how-to’s for Pride-themed looks.

Makeup Artist & Model​

Raisa Flowers

Makeup artist? More like makeup wizard. Add “model,” to that bio, and you’ve got the bold, experimental and incredibly talented Raisa Flowers. Raisa has opened shows for some of the biggest names in fashion, and behind the scenes, she creates looks for pop stars and celebrities alike. She’s known for creating avant garde looks for women of color, and her funky futuristic style is light years ahead of the game.

Makeup Artist, Podcaster & Content Creator

Jaleesa Jaikaran

Jaleesa is obsessed with the transformative power of make up, and it shows. This New York based, Trinidadian talent uses her artistry to uplift others by enhancing their natural beauty. Her love for color and glowy skin is a sentiment of her Caribbean upbringing. She primarily works in front and behind the camera with the most well -known beauty and fashion brands on campaigns and content creation. She candidly shares the real life stories of beauty industry insiders via her podcast, The Life of a Makeup Artist on her mission to inspire, educate and elevate.

Brand Consultant, Beauty Blogger, Makeup Artist & Writer​

Renée Loiz

Renée is an LA-based celebrity makeup artist and men’s groomer, but that’s not all. This industry powerhouse uses her platform to highlight and educate on Black beauty and Black beauty businesses. In fact, her Black-owned beauty guide, Color May Vary, is the most comprehensive guide of its kind, with a focus on celebrating those who are often overlooked in the industry.

Content Creator

Kay-Lani Martinez

Kay-Lani is the walking definition of Afro-Latina pride. She uses her platform to speak out on injustices against the Black and Brown communities, while sharing lifestyle content, natural hair tutorials and beauty tips with her following. Her agenda is simply to inspire self-love, and her propensity to share personal life stories speaks to diverse audiences worldwide.

Makeup Artist, Makeup Creator, & Co-founder of #ColorPopMeBlack

Darius McKiver

“We want black creators to feel like they have a place in this industry.” That’s the mission of makeup artist Darius McKiver, better known to his fans as NeonMUA. Darius invented the ingenious Dusk to Dawn palettes, which have earned accolades by the beauty press. What’s more, he’s an impassioned co-creator of the digital movement #ColorPopMeBlack, an online push for beauty brands to highlight creators of color.

Makeup Artist, Content Creator & Storyteller

Kenneth Senegal

Kenneth is the fearless face behind the acclaimed YouTube channel, “HeFlawless,” where they create content with a focus on issues like gender identity, mental health, sexual assault and of course, inner and outer beauty. Kenneth finds beauty in our flaws and teaches the world how to embrace the true self, making their message a refreshing and powerful one for the beauty industry at large.

Director of Global Artistry, NARS

Uzo Ukaeje

Medical doctor turned makeup guru, Uzo has been a leader at NARS for over 20 years, ensuring the brand has diverse offerings within their product lines. This industry MVP makes a habit of fostering relationships with young artists coming up behind her, while constantly championing other Black women on her popular social media accounts. Uzo is truly an artist of the highest level.

Makeup Artist & Educator

Michela Wariebi

Michela Wariebi strikes the perfect balance between art and science. As a makeup artist and educator, she brings a deep technical knowledge of her craft, as well as an expertise in working with all skin tones and complexions. Perhaps that’s why her makeup artistry has graced the covers of some of the most well-known beauty magazines, and the faces of some of the world’s biggest stars. A true visionary, Michela draws inspiration from everything from geometric shapes to Afrofuturistic concepts.

Makeup Artist

Alana Wright

From playing in her mother’s makeup drawer to gracing the faces of countless celebs, models and public figures, Alana Wright has had a passion for all things makeup for decades. Her fresh, whimsical artistry, combined with her expertise in beautifully enhancing different skin tones, makes her one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the industry. Because of Alana’s innate creativity and exquisite skills, her work has been featured on Emmy nominated shows.

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