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The reviews are in: Keys Soulcare by Alicia Keys

Spoiler: Editors are obsessed!

Excitement about Keys Soulcare can’t be overstated. Beauty by Alicia Keys? Yes, please. But a brand can’t exist on fame alone, and of course the products have to work, too. Fortunately, beauty editors were able to start testing Keys Soulcare products early, and the initial reviews are truly glowing (pun intended).

Whether you’re an expert-level skincare lover or an enthusiastic beginner, there’s a product (or six) for you.

Keys Soulcare Harmony Mask

I love this face mask! It has a creamy texture that glides across my skin as I apply it. When it dries, it gets firm but not stiff, and it doesn’t dry out my skin. Instead, my skin feels hydrated when I wash it off. I don't even need to follow up with a moisturizer

Keys Soulcare Reviving Aura Mist

The rosewater scent of this mist is just as gorgeous as the deep purple bottle. I like to spritz the mist all over my face after cleansing in the morning — or whenever I need a little pick-me-up during the day. It's so light and refreshing that I instantly feel more relaxed.


Keys Soulcare Golden Cleanser

I pride myself on having skin that stays (mostly) blemish-free with basic cleanser. But this extra special cleanser has taken it to the next level. I use it before bed and in the morning, and my skin is softer and noticeably brighter all day.