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Back to school

6 back to school routines that will shift your mindset

Your best year yet starts now.

Starting up back to school routines can feel overwhelming. Especially coming out of summer’s beach days, road trips and spontaneous adventures. But by setting realistic goals, creating rituals you love, drinking lots of water and carving out time for your favorite things, you’ll see that it’s not only doable—it’s fun!

Here, some mindset and wellness shifts to help you ease into the new season.

1. Set small goals + reward yourself.

We love to dream big. But lofty goals may seem beyond reach. To make things feel more realistic, start small with mini goals, and work your way up. Instead of stressing about the entire semester, aim to boost your grade on just the very next assignment. Aspiring to be captain of the team? Show up early and eager for your next practice—and keep showing up. Hoping for a better social life at school? Try to make one new friend or join a club. Then celebrate as you meet these mini goals, treating yourself to something fun. (Our go to? A colorful mani.)

2. Wanna see progress? Stick to a routine.

The magic is hidden in your daily routine. Your healthiest, glowiest skin will happen, but only if you commit to consistent AM & PM skincare. Conversational French fluency? Oui, c’est possible! If you devote 10 mins a day to a language app. You absolutely can learn to play your favorite song on guitar…by practicing several times a week, every week. You won’t get there overnight, but little by little you will make it happen.

3. Curate a morning ritual.

Does the idea of a back to school morning routine make you groan? We get it. Not everyone is an early riser. But, creating an AM practice—filled with stuff you love and look forward to—can make it way less painful. Think: Hopping in the shower and using a luxe, lathering body wash. Lighting a candle that fills the room with your favorite scent. Listening to a playlist of songs that get you hyped. Adding a little movement to get the blood flowing. The key here is to fill your morning with things that make you want to get out of bed and set the tone for the rest of your day. Then repeat and repeat and repeat.

4. Sleep. Eat. Hydrate.

Groundbreaking? No. But don’t underestimate the importance of nutrition, a good night’s sleep, plenty of water and rest. We need the fundamentals in place before we can start piling on all the extra stuff. So, add some veggies to your plate. Consider a multi-vitamin to cover any nutrients you’re missing. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. And get a full night’s sleep—without TV or tech around. BTW, A pillow spray is a dreamy way to drift off…

5. Be kind to your mind.

This one’s simple, but not easy. We’re so conditioned to be self-critical and harsh to ourselves. Let’s break the cycle and shake things up. Some ideas: Write sticky notes with positive affirmations. Surround yourself with people that make you feel like the best version of you. Find tools and shortcuts to help you stay grounded and use them all the time! Journals, playlists, mantras, aromatherapy and meditation are just a few ways to get centered and reset.

6. Make time for what you love.

Are you having any fun? Sometimes schedules can fill up with homework, practice, events and family commitments. If we aren’t intentional about our plans, weeks can go by without any room for our hobbies, friends and all the little things that are actually the big things. Your mission? Make time! Look at your calendar and block out a few hours a week for fun. And then have it! You deserve to.