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Back to school

Heading back to school? Grab these for your locker beauty stash

Them: Ready for school? You: Ready for anything.

An extra sweaty gym class. Lunch on the quad. Uncooperative hair days. Breakouts. No matter what beauty curve balls this semester throws at you, these will keep you cool, confident and calm all season long.

(Not shopping for back to school essentials? These are great for gym bags and desk drawers too!)

1. Easiest SPF ever

First things first: You need to apply and reapply sunscreen every single day. (Yes, even when you’re inside!) For instant touch-ups, reach for an SPF mist or setting spray. Not only will they keep you safe from the sun, but they’ll refresh your makeup and give a little boost of hydration.

2. Total Wipeout

Running a 10-minute mile with no time to shower before class? No sweat. The right pack of wipes can refresh and cleanse in a pinch. Look for cooling ingredients, like mint, cucumber and aloe which can help you chill out (literally) while removing sweat, oil and bacteria.

3. You can zit with us

Reminder: Breakouts happen to everyone. If a new little guy pops up midday (hello!), you’ll be relieved to have pimple patches on hand. They calm and clear up skin with ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil. Plus, they prevent you from picking—which can lead to more acne and scarring.

4. Period comfort packs

You will never regret having a bag with extra pants, undies, tampons and pads. We promise. Getting your period at school is annoying, but being prepared makes all the difference. Level up your period kit with cramp-reducing oil and a travel heating pad—you deserve to be comfy whether you’re in English class or on your couch.

5. Soak up shine

These simple, effective little sheets work overtime. Grab one, press it along your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) or anywhere you want to mattify. They absorb excess oil and lift away impurities that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Plus, the credit card-size packs can fit in your wallet, your pocket—anywhere!

Try these


6. Smile brighteners

Coffee breaks and cafeteria food can make us feel less-than-confident in the breath and smile department. Of course, brushing is best, but it’s not always an option. Enter our fave brushless solutions: a mini whitening mouthwash (aw) and a minty whitening pen.

7. Makeup double majors

No locker shopping list would be complete without back to school makeup. For speedy hallway touch ups, look for multitasking, two-in-one formulas that add rich, dewy color wherever you need it. Just apply with (clean) fingertips to eyes, lips and cheeks. Top with a quick coat of your go-to mascara. Then head back to class, looking fab, with time to spare.

8. Insta-clean

Not today, germs. Unlike the alcohol-smelling, skin-drying gels of the past, these next-gen sanitizers have uplifting scents, nourishing ingredients and even come in cute packaging that will make you smile.

With every new chapter comes lots of feels. It may seem small, but stashing some back to school beauty essentials in your locker can help you feel prepped, in control and like you can really be yourself. When all else fails, remember that you’ve got this. And we’re cheering you on, too. Wishing you an amazing, rewarding and fun school year ahead!