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Q&A: Keys Soulcare founder Alicia Keys

The artist opens up about self-love and her new beauty line.

Alicia Keys is so much more than a musician. She’s an activist and an icon. A mother and — now — a beauty entrepreneur. And whether she’s singing or talking about meditation, it’s impossible not to hang on her every word.

To celebrate her new beauty venture, Keys Soulcare, she shares her thoughts on skincare, self-care, and the year ahead with Ulta Beauty.

Ulta Beauty: What inspired you to create Keys Soulcare?

Alicia Keys: Personally, I’ve always struggled with my skin and eventually I realized it was because of the energy I was carrying, toxic emotions or relationships that played a big part in how I reflected from the inside out. I realize self-care — self-love, really — has always been super important to me. And I know for a fact we aren’t often taught how to access it for ourselves. So, this is a new accessible way to look at the process.

UB: What helps your skin look its best?

AK: It was little/big things like meditation and drinking more water. But truly my skin changed when I started to look more inside of myself — taking care of the inside of myself, taking care of what I put inside my body, who I had around me, what energy I was allowing around me. And that's why we created Soulcare; because I realize now that it's everything together that makes it work, that makes you change.

UB: Which products do you recommend someone tries first and why?

AK: There are so many great products so really whatever resonates with you, but probably the Skin Transformation Cream — because who doesn't want to transform, right? It’s formulated to nourish all skin types and contains malachite, which I love. It is rich in copper, has anti-free-radical properties and helps protect the skin while retaining moisture.

UB: How do affirmations play a part in your beauty rituals?

AK: I'm a big, big believer in the power of speaking what we want. Even when we don't feel it, when we don't believe it, when we don't know it — and you have to say it out loud, or how is anybody going to answer you? So all our offerings have a special mantra. My favorite is on our candle. It says, “I shine at full wattage” — and that's a big deal for me personally, because I think we have to remind ourselves to shine now. No dimming down, no holding back.

UB: How do you hope to see the brand grow in 2021 and beyond?

AK: I want us to be building and growing and creating this Keys Soulcare community together. This community is here to enlighten you, make you feel good, smile, laugh, you know, just a space that really allows you to flourish. And it feels like in the times we are in right now, we need that. I know I need it.