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For the emerging young Black leaders shaking up our world

Founder, Zandra Beauty and Science Behind It

Zandra Cunningham

Zandra was starting her own business while most kids her age were on the playground. Not only is this 19-year old a business maven ahead of her time, but she’s also giving back and opening doors for other. When she’s not running her eco-friendly, all-natural skincare brand, ZANDRA BEAUTY, she’s organizing workshops for entrepreneurs and donating to programs that benefit young people like her. Zandra is a mogul in the making.

Author, Host, Producer & Founder of #1000BlackGirlBooks

Marley Dias

Growing up, Marley never saw herself in the books her teachers assigned. So, she started an initiative to change that. #1000BlackGirlBooks was a book drive she designed to collect 1000 books with Black, female protagonists. She quickly reached her goal, went on to write her own book, host her own show, and today is using education to empower girls all over the world—from the US to Haiti. She’s become a role model for young girls everywhere and proof that you can create the positive change you want to see in the world at any age.

Activist , Philanthropist, Content Creator & Founder, Next Gen Come Up

Anya Dillard

This 18-year-old activist wants to empower people to create real change in their own communities, and she’s ready to do it now. She is the founder of The Next Gen Come Up, a nonprofit that encourages youth to get involved with activism and community service. As an activist, philanthropist, social entrepreneur, and content creator, Anya is already encouraging conversations around teens and socio-political issues. She is a leader for her generation.

Artist, Activist, Journalist, & Creative Director

Sage Dolan-Sandrino

Sage Dolan-Sandrino is a queer youth leader, Founder, and Creative Director of TEAM Mag. Since socially transitioning at 13, Sage became a public voice for trans student rights and even become an ambassador to The White House Initiative for Educational Excellence for African Americans under the Obama Administration. Now 20 years old, she shows no signs of stopping and continues to advocate for young trans voices.

Dancer, Choreographer & TikTok Sensation

Jalaiah Harmon

At just 14 years old, Jalaiah created the sensational Renegade Dance, a trend that dominated Tik Tok. She is professionally trained in hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, jazz, tumbling and tap. She continues to create viral videos on Tik Tok, showcasing her dancing talents as well as her comedic ones. Today, you can find Jalaiah collaborating with other Black dancers, and has even been asked by a multitude of brands to choreograph for their social campaigns.

Model, Content Creator, Designer & Fashion Enthusiast

Ziggy Mack-Johnson

Ziggy is a Brooklyn-born, California-based fashion guru who has already done so much in his 25 years. People and brands all across the country are attracted to his bright and bold personality, but Ziggy is more than an influencer. He’s a leader in his community. He keeps his followers intrigued by speaking their language—fashion and art. Ziggy’s niche projects and contributions to several notable publications proves he’s a star, both on and off the red carpet.

Founder & CEO, Maya’s Idea, Environmental Activist, Animator & Eco-Designer

Maya Penn

"Everything I do is an overlap between art, creativity, and making a positive impact in the world." At the young age of 21, Maya has already accomplished so much of that. At age 8, she started her eco-friendly clothing line ‘Maya’s Ideas’. At age 11, she founded her non-profit, ‘Maya’s Ideas 4 the Planet’. And today, she’s become a leading figure in slow fashion, sustainability, the fight against climate change, and equality in STEM. There’s no stopping Maya as she continues trailblaze the way for the next generation of changemakers.

Content Creator

Andrea Reed

Andrea has become the go-to resource for styling and maintaining afro-textured hair. On her YouTube channel, she documents her transition from relaxed hair to natural curls. Her techniques and tricks has garnered over 5.1 M likes on TikTok. Andrea is passionate about making other women feel comfortable in their hair journey and loving every curl, coil, and kink.

Wellness and Compassion Activist, International Speaker, Author, & CEO

Haile Thomas

Haile began her food activism journey after her family holistically reversed her father’s type-2 diabetes. She learned children like her were increasingly suffering from conditions like her father and swiftly founded her non-profit HAPPY at age 12. With HAPPY, she’s made plant-based nutrition and education more accessible for all. She’s gone on to create summer camps and a cookbook. She’s also worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to help make a healthier lifestyle something everyone can enjoy.

Founder/CEO & Documentarian

Youma Wague

Youma Wague is the mastermind behind the natural hair brand, Youma’s Beauty. The brand works to empower women of color with curly and coily hair through quality products. Her work in the modeling industry highlighted for her the lack of training stylists had with Black hair. It pushed her to create and film her documentary, “The Natural Hair Struggle in Fashion”. Youma is well on her way to leaving a mark in the world.

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