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With Pride

Whoever you are. However you identify. Whoever you love. At Ulta Beauty, we celebrate you. We’re honoring the LGBTQ+ community this month and every month—sharing the stories, commemorating the history and expressing the joy.

Beyond the rainbow

These friends of Ulta Beauty have inspired us with their stories. Because Pride is so much more than colorful parades. It’s the freedom to express yourself. It’s the historical figures who fought for this moment. It’s the stories of self-realization. So read on to hear their words.

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Sean "Seansky" Fischer (she/they) @seanskyii

On how Pride began

“In June 1969, police raided a safe space for queer people called the Stonewall Inn. The patrons finally had enough of being criminalized. Protests ensued; they lasted for five days. Those protests led to what we now know as Pride month.”

On honoring LGBTQ+ history

“While we’re all getting ready to start celebrating queerness and transness, remember the history. Remember the fight. Remember why we celebrate Pride.”

“Finding the queer community really was life-changing. I felt like I was constantly changing my mind on who I was, but they made me feel safe, comfortable and accepted.”

Kazz (they/she)


up close & personal

Reilly Aultman (she/her) @reiaultman

On what Pride means to her

“LGBTQ+ Pride means being free. Not having a single care about what people think about you and just being yourself all the time. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

On self-love and self-acceptance

“There’s nothing wrong with it. People are gonna tell you there’s things wrong with it. But, there’s nothing wrong with it. You’re perfect. I’m perfect. We’re good. I am a proud gay woman and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.”

“Growing up as a young Black male, I had all these expectations with masculinity. But within me I knew there was more beyond the binary–beyond what we expect masculine to be and what we expect feminine to be. And I love that fluidity.”

B.J. Minor (they/them)


David Lopez (he/him/they/them) @davidlopezzz

On seizing the moment

“Pride for me is a chance to not only celebrate how far the queer community has come but also examine where there are still opportunities to broaden people's minds.”

On being true to you

“Be patient with yourself. Stay curious, stay weird and don't be afraid to follow your own path. Yes, there will be pain, but there is so much love out there for you to have and to give. When you accept who you are, and love that person, you can share that self-love with others. There is no one else quite like you.”

“Remembering and celebrating our LGBTQ+ community that fought for our rights is so important. Getting to have these conversations with our children about how Pride came about is something that we won’t take for granted.”

Natalie & Kris Ogata-Gochez (she/her, they/them)


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In honor of Pride Month and beyond, we are proud to support PFLAG in their efforts to advance equality and unite members of the LGBTQ+ Community and their families and allies.