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Eau De Cologne

Cologne for men

Men's cologne adds a distinct dimension to your personality, serving as a silent yet powerful communicator. Not only that, but men’s cologne can also complement your personal style and leave a long-lasting impression. At Ulta Beauty, we offer a selection of top men's colognes, ranging from woody and robust scents to fresh, citrusy notes.

How to apply men’s cologne

While it’s easy to spritz-and-go, there are several ways to apply your cologne, so it lasts longer throughout the day:

  • Immediately apply cologne after showering directly onto dry skin. After a shower your pores are more open, helping the scent absorb deeper.
  • Hold the bottle 3-6 inches from your body. If you spray the bottle too closely, you risk over-applying. Any further, you may under-apply.
  • Apply cologne to warmer areas of the body like pulse points, inner elbows and your neck, to help the scent project and blend with your body’s unique chemistry.

What is a good cologne for men?

Selecting the right cologne is a personal journey. While we believe every cologne we offer is a great choice for men, make sure you choose a fragrance based on your liking. Find the best cologne for you by using our Fragrance Finder tool. Simply share your preferences and we’ll provide you with a choice of colognes we think you’d like best. For more on popular men’s cologne, check out our featured fragrance of the month.

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