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Smile Makers The Ballerina #1
Smile Makers The Ballerina #1

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Smile MakersThe Ballerina

Online only|Item 2602275

4.8 out of 5 stars. 81 reviews


Smile Makers The Ballerina features an organic shape and a cushiony texture that gently cups the whole vulva into a sensual embrace. Firm and tender, soft and strong, The Ballerina is fitted with a powerful technology and sensorial modes that stimulate all the vulva's pleasure spots at once.



  • Palm-fit vibrator
  • Massaging all the vulva's pleasure spots at once
  • Groundbreaking new HUMAN TOUCH texture, soft yet firm like a lover's touch
  • Ultra powerful motor for an orgasmic experience
  • 12 experiential modes with dynamic patterns
  • Its human touch texture allows for a perfect fit on each vulva
  • Its soft feel on the skin combined with its powerful motor stimulates different types of touch receptors for a unique sensorial experience.
  • 9.3 cm x 6.2 x 4.7 cm
  • Super smooth silicone
  • Silent and waterproof
  • 2-year warranty


  • Made of a premium silicone imported from Japan and cryogenically polished for the smoothest touch
  • Not tested on animals
  • Phtalate-free
  • 100% body safe
  • Easy to wash
  • Rechargeable
  • Pleasure fun facts:
  • The vulva encompasses the clitoral glans, the labia minora and majora, the urethtral opening and the vaginal entrance. All these parts have a shared nerve supply and during sexual stimulation respond as a unit though the responses are not uniform.
  • The sense of touch is a complex sense that processes signals sent by different types of receptors in our body. Some are located more deeply under the skin react to vibration and pressure. Others pick up light touch.

How To Use

Tip #1: apply slowly on the vulva, from the clitoral glans to the vaginal entrance, or the other way around.
Tip #2: close your eyes and focus on the sensations on different part of the vulva: how does it feel around the vaginal entrance? how does it feel on the outer labia?
Tip #3: after one orgasm. reduce speed while pressing the Ballerina down on your vulva to ground yourself and maintain arousal for another round of pleasure.
Tip #4: put the Ballerina on your vulva and bring your thighs around it to hold it. Enjoy it hand-free!
Tip #5: use it during penetrative sex, moving it up away from the vaginal entrance towards the pubis, so that the clitoris glans and the labia around be stimulated.
Tip #6: pair up The Ballerina with water-based Generous Gel lubricant for luxurious sensations and friction-less touch.

Precautions: Never use The Ballerina together with silicone-based lubricants, massage oils or hand creams. Avoid leaving any product from Smile Makers in direct sunlight and do not expose them to extreme heat. Do not use on swollen or damaged skin. Keep out of the reach of children.