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Summer prep routine—get smooth, (faux) tan and glowing

5 ways to feel ready for bare skin season.

Try: Exfoliating

Weekly, use a scrub, chemical exfoliant or other buffing tool to nix dull, dry skin. This helps moisturizer absorb, prevents ingrown hairs and creates a smooth canvas for self-tanning.

Try: Hair removal

Body hair is personal—embrace it, style it or remove it. If you're aiming for smooth skin, we have everything you need from waxes to razors and more.

Try: Gradual sunless face tanner

Applied directly or mixed into moisturizer, these distribute a low concentration self-tanning ingredients that build up over time. Apply daily for natural, subtle, even results.

Gradual sunless face tanners

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Try: Body self-tanner

With a range of foolproof formulas you’re sure to find your sunless fave. Tip: Apply with a mitt (versus hands) for easy blending and to avoid stained fingers.

Body self-tanners

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Try: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Keep things quenched (and extend a faux tan) with body lotions, butters, balms and oils. Smooth on while your skin is still damp from the shower for best results.


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Unlock Your Best Summer Skin Yet with Our Ultimate Guide

Prepare for summer with radiant confidence by following our detailed 7-step skin prep guide. Begin by unveiling brighter, smoother skin with our premium exfoliants—essential for an even finish before applying sunless tanners. Explore our extensive range of hair removal options, including soothing shaving creams and effective waxes, to achieve that flawless smooth skin ideal for tanning.

For a naturally bronzed look, dive into our collection of gradual face and body sunless tanners. These foolproof formulas allow you to control the intensity of your tan, building up to your desired shade with streak-free results. Ensure your skin remains deeply hydrated with our luxurious moisturizers and body oils, perfect for locking in moisture after sun exposure or during dry summer days.

Elevate your summer glow with our selection of shimmering body glows and bronzers, designed to give you a glistening finish. These products not only enhance your tan but also nourish your skin with hydrating ingredients.

Summer Skincare Tips:

Always apply body self-tanner using a mitt to ensure even coverage and to prevent staining your hands. Moisturize regularly to maintain the tan longer and keep the skin supple. For the best results with body oils, apply to damp skin post-shower to seal in the moisture.

Ready to shine this summer?

Browse our shoppable product lists now and elevate your skincare routine to celebrate your body this summer. Remember, nurturing your skin with these steps is a rewarding act of self-care—embrace this ritual and step into summer with a vibrant glow!