Locks & Mane18'' Clip-in Human Hair Extension

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Locks & Mane 18'' Clip-in Human Hair Extension #1


      Instantly add natural looking length and volume with Locks & Mane 18" Clip-in Human Hair Extensions, made from 100% human hair.



      • Easy 2-piece system; quickly apply for "50 seconds to fabulous"
      • Natural-looking, real human hair that can be cut, colored and heat styled
      • Upward facing clips for a secure, all day hold (no backcombing required)
      • Suitable for all ages


      • Espresso is the darkest shade. This off-black color just like its namesake, espresso, has a subtle dark brown hue.


      • Two clip-in extension pieces
      • How-to booklet
      • Storage box
      • Two replacement clips

      How To Use

      Step 1: Separate and secure your hair from mid-ear to mid-ear.
      Step 2: Position the smaller weft along this section, securing with the L&M Scoop and Snap technique. Scoop the clips up to your part line. Snap the clips closed with your thumb and fingers.
      Step 3: Separate and secure your hair from temple to temple.
      Step 4: Position the larger weft along this section, securing with the Scoop and Snap technique. It's helpful to start with the middle clip and work your way out from corner to corner, scooping and snapping the clips closed.
      Step 5: Brush through the extensions and voila!