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Curls, Coils & Waves

Your hair, your way. Love your curls. Celebrate your texture.

Textured Hair Curly


Spirals that start at the root, ranging from soft loops to ringlets.

What it needs

Hydration and control is key to keeping curls defined and at their healthiest.

Textured Hair Coily


Tight, small curls and zig zags that start near the scalp. They can be fine or coarse and are prone to shrinkage.

What it needs

Hydrating products that lock in moisture, deep conditioners to repair and detanglers that prevent breakage.

Textured Hair Curly


Looser, “S-shaped” patterns that tend to start further down the hair.

What it needs

Light hold for maximum shine and minimum frizz, without weighing you down.

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Tips of the trade

“It is important that people with curly and coily hair use products that moisturize, because these hair types naturally lack moisture. Finding the right curl product for you is key. Fine curls do well with foams and light gels. Coarse curls do better with creams, butters, and puddings.”

Michelle O’Connor

Ulta Beauty Pro Team Member