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  • an ode to

    Black Beauty

    The history. The culture. The possibilities.

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    In honor of Black History Month, we gathered with friends to chat about all things Black beauty. Individuality. Representation. Autonomy. Connection. Press play (above) and read on (below) to soak in their heartfelt words.

    “Seeing people who look like me doing great things is what inspires me to be great. We need to be open to allow people to be truly themselves.”

    Toluwalase O., Activist, Baltimore

    "My mother was the first person who taught me about loving myself. About waking up every day knowing that I was beautiful and powerful."

    Miela F., Journalist & film producer, Chicago

    "There’s no one look or one culture when it comes to Blackness. It's knowing who you are and not trying to be like anyone else but yourself.”

    Bethany M., Chef, model & activist, New York City

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