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How to find beauty gifts that mom *really* wants

The perfect Mother’s Day gift doesn’t exi…

There are dozens (hundreds! thousands!) of gifts at Ulta Beauty that will bring mom joy. Not sure where to start? Wondering how to pick something mom truly wants? We have a couple of ideas for you. Keep reading!

1. Refresh or remix mom’s signature scent

If mom has been wearing the same fragrance for years, it’s an easy win. Amp it up by purchasing the eau de parfum version—the most concentrated formula. Go big by choosing an XL bottle. Or opt for a gift set with fun extras like matching lotion and body wash. If mom has hinted about trying something new, consider the base notes of mom’s go-to and look for new perfumes that have similar notes. Our fragrance finder might help too.

2. Give mom’s makeup bag a glow up

Your mission: Ask to see mom’s beauty bag. Take a pic. There’s your shopping list! Replace those tried-and-true staples, or, look for luxe versions to swap in. What’s more joyful than a fresh set of all your faves?

3. Be a problem solver

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts come from listening. Has the mom you’re shopping for mentioned a persistent beauty concern—maybe dry skin or curls that fall flat? Keep an ear to the ground, then select products specifically targeted to mom’s beauty concerns. From rich body balms to style-locking mousse, Ulta Beauty has a solution.

4. Get nostalgic

Appeal to cherished memories by looking for products that connect mom to the past. Perhaps mom fondly recalls a lipstick worn by older generations. Or a skincare item that first introduced mom to beauty. Giving these nostalgic items in updated or similar forms can be a heartwarming and deeply personal gift.

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5. Grab a gift card and offer to shop together

What does every mom really want? Quality time with you! You can never go wrong with an Ulta Beauty gift card. But offering to stroll the aisles and redeem that gift together? It makes any gift card value priceless.

Still not sure what to get? Here’s a fun way to learn about mom’s beauty POV: Plan some time to create a mood board of mom’s favorite hairstyles, makeup colors, trends and textures. (Bonus: You can do this IRL or virtually if you live long distance.) Then, pick out products from Ulta Beauty that match up to mom’s dream look. A glow up and extra time with you? What more could mom ask for?!

Remember, the best Mother’s Day beauty gifts are given with love and joy. Wishing you and yours a beautiful Mother’s Day.