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6 tips to make holiday makeup last longer

No. Touch ups. Needed.

Here’s everything you need to make your makeup last all night long.

Party season is in full swing, and New Year’s Eve is on the horizon. It’s a great time to make a few swaps that will really boost your makeup's longevity. With a few specially formulated products and the right prep, your look can truly last through parties, meals, dancing, ice skating and whatever fun holiday activities bring you joy—without sneaking away to reapply. Wondering how to make your makeup last all day and night? We got you covered.

1. Start with moisturized skin

First things first: prep your skin. We recommend you cleanse and moisturize every day, in the morning and before bed. But moisturizing is especially important when you want your makeup to really last. One of the main reasons makeup fades is that our skin tends to pull moisture from any source available, including our makeup. Keeping skin well-moisturized can help prevent that breakdown. Choose any moisturizer that works with your skin type. For a double quenching dose, layer it over a hydrating serum.

2. Prep with primer 

Primer creates a canvas-like layer for makeup to cling onto, helping it last longer and apply more smoothly. Look for formulas that support your complexion and makeup goals (like brightening, smoothing, hydrating or mattifying). Wait until your moisturizer has dried for a minute, then apply about a dime-sized amount all over your face with clean fingertips—starting at the center of your face and working outwards. Wait another minute before applying foundation.  Creating a bold eye look? Consider priming your lids with an eye makeup primer too.

3. Choose long-wear formulas

Add some long-wear formulas to your orange bag. Thanks to polymer blends that prevent makeup breakdown, some of these are designed to last 12, 16, 30 hours or more—seriously! We recommend doing a test run prior to your event so you can see how long the product lasts on your unique complexion, how the pigments wear throughout the day and to sort out any extra steps needed for removal. (Some long-wear formulas may lift more easily with waterproof makeup remover.)

4. Layer your lip color 

Snacking, sipping, and smiling—the signs of a great holiday party—are lipstick-fading culprits. Try this multi-step system to keep your color locked in. 

  1. Buff away any dry lip skin with a lip scrub and a damp washcloth.

  2. Apply lip balm to create a smooth, hydrated canvas.

  3. Line and fill your lips with a longwear lipliner, creating a layer of pigment beneath your lipcolor. 

  4. Top with two to three thin coats of longwear lipstick for a more even, budge-proof application. 

5. Top with translucent powder 

An invisible and weightless way to set your makeup and boost its longevity. Apply with a puff, makeup sponge or brush. Be sure to test on the back of your hand first to ensure the right amount of product (there should be a light coating without too much excess powder fallout). Then gently press across your face. If your skin is on the oilier side, consider a second coat just on the t-zone or wherever you see the most shine.

Editor’s note: Wearing a black outfit? Get dressed after applying your makeup. Even though this powder is translucent, it can show up on black clothing.

6. Finish with setting spray

A makeup artist fave for long-lasting makeup, makeup setting sprays create a protective veil that shields you from sweat, dirt, oil, smudging and fading. Once your makeup is finished, hold your setting spray about 6 to 8 inches aways from your face and spritz on a light mist. Let it dry on its own (avoid fanning motions which can sometimes lead to unintentional smudges). Then enjoy your makeup long after dessert, dancing and late-night taxi rides home.

Now that you know what you need to make your makeup last all day (and night!), don't forget to sign up for Ultamate Rewards so you can earn points on your next beauty haul. Have fun, make some memories and enjoy your long-lasting makeup looks.