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Conair ConairMan Lithium Dry Cell Nose/Ear Trimmer #1
Conair ConairMan Lithium Dry Cell Nose/Ear Trimmer #1

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ConairConairMan Lithium Dry Cell Nose/Ear Trimmer

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The ConairMan Lithium Dry Cell Nose/Ear Trimmer is Lithium powered by ''AA'' battery. It has a diamond shaped 3 bevel blade system and durable, sturdy housing.



  • Trimmer
  • 2 attachments: detailer attachment, shaver attachment
  • Diamond-shaped, 3-bevel blade
  • Washable heads
  • Storage pouch
  • Uses 1 AA battery not included

How To Use

Check that the device is turned off. Remove the cutting head of the device by turning it to line up mark ( ) with mark ( ). Next pull the head of the device upward. Gently place the desired cutting head on the device, then lock by turning the cutting head so that the two marks line up ( and ).
TO TRIM YOUR MUSTACHE: Use the mustache comb to comb hair in the direction of growth. Hold trimmer in an upright position and bring the tip of the blade straight into the mustache to trim.
TO TRIM NECKLINE & SIDEBURNS: Attach the detail trimmer attachment to the trimmer handle. Hold the trimmer blade against the skin at the length desired and move the trimmer downward.
TO USE SHAVER ATTACHMENT: Shaving against the direction of your beard growth, pull your skin tight with your fingers in inaccessible areas to achieve optimum results for a smooth, perfect look.
TO TRIM NOSE/EAR HAIR: Using the special circular cutting head for nose and ears, gently insert the cutting head into the nostril or ear and move it slightly back and forth to cut the hair. NOTE: To trim nose hair, insert trimmer at entry of nostrils and start trimming the lower hairs until no longer visible. To trim ear hair, guide the trimmer around the outer surface of the ear.

Precautions: 1. Use close supervision when the appliance is used by, on, or near children or individuals with certain disabilities. 2. Use appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. Use only attachments recommended by the manufacturer. 3. Never operate the appliance if it is not working properly, has been dropped or damaged. If appliance has fallen into water, do not reach for it. Drain the water, let the unit dry, be sure unit is off and then replace the battery. 4. Do not use the appliance with teeth missing from the blades, as injury may result. Before each use, make certain the blades are aligned properly and oiled.