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serums 101

Skincare school is in session. Learn the basics of serums (take notes!).

Start with clean skin

Kiehl’s Since 1851
Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Why We Love It

No such thing as a silly question. Yes, you need to start with freshly washed skin. Apply toner (if you so choose), then, pat on this botanical oil combo. Squalane, lavender and evening primrose will have you waking up to a hydrated, restored complexion!

Who Should Use It

Normal, dry or combination skin types looking for overnight success.

You can use more than one

Double Serum

Why We Love It

Get extra credit with multiple targeted serums (apply from lightest to heaviest). Or just pick up this two-in-one serum—with 21 powerful plant extracts for visibly firmer skin.

Who Should Use It

Those wanting a little lift and fine line reduction in just seven days.

Apply with fingertips

Line Correcting Booster Serum

Why We Love It

Show of hands: who hates product waste? (The answer should be everyone.) Be efficient—and effective—by using your fingertips to gently pat. Fine lines will love the targeted peptides in this one.

Who Should Use It

Anyone wanting serious results without turning to injectables.

They can be used at any age

I Dew Care
Bright Side Up Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Why We Love It

Your assignment: start using serums ASAP. You’re never too young to add antioxidants to your routine. This one brightens and protects skin with vitamins C and E.

Who Should Use It

Anyone with a desire for clearer skin and 2 minutes to spare.

They contain powerful ingredients

SKINLONGEVITY Vital Power Infusion Serum

Why We Love It

Time for a little geography lesson. This serum uses the “Long Life Herb” from Okinawa, Japan (the Island of Long Life) for its ability to promote stronger, healthier skin. Ginger brightens and poppy protects from environmental damage.

Who Should Use It

Those searching for smoother skin and good-for-you ingredients.

A little goes a long way

Juice Beauty
STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum

Why We Love It

All you need is 1-2 pumps to make the grade. This serum is water-less, packing concentrated ingredients and botanical juices for way more benefits.

Who Should Use It

When wrinkle smoothing results and organic ingredients are important to you.

Oily skin needs serums too

Pore Down Tightening Concentrate

Why We Love It

This serum deserves an A for effort (and execution) for how well the cotton and hemp smooth skin and absorb excess oil — minimizing the appearance of pores— while quince tones.

Who Should Use It

Normal to oily skin worried about enlarged pores.

Use before your moisturizer

Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum

Why We Love It

It’s layering season, and that applies to serums, too. The small molecules in serums allow skin to soak up the good stuff—like collagen-boosting botanicals in this product. Then, heavier creams on top lock in the moisture and benefits.

Who Should Use It

Anyone looking for plumper, more even skin.

They boost what you already have

Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

Why We Love It

Cool science fact: hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000x its weight in water. Your skin already has some naturally, but when you’re feeling dry or dull, this combo of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 brings skin back to life.

Who Should Use It

The ceramides restore your moisture barrier so it’s especially great for dry skin.

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Customizable Skin Solutions

Why We Love It

Our $10 Express Facials can fit into your busy lifestyle. Let the Dermalogica Ion Active Serum™ do its thing while you study or go back to your workday.

Who Should Try It

Anyone looking for a 10-minute refresh.

How Often To Use It

Repeat every 4 weeks to maintain a healthy glow.