Treat acne now and prevent acne later.

This months skin-fatuation - Acne Skincare This months skin-fatuation - Acne Skincare

Clear Skin Ahead

First off: acne is totally normal. But when you want to treat occasional zits or ward off future blemishes, these products will help keep you in the clear.

Banish blemishes

Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel
why we love it

Sometimes you’ve gotta multi-task! The 1% salicylic acid makes it perfect as a spot treatment or for all over application.

who should use it

For acne-prone skin, apply a thin layer to the whole face. Occasional blemishes can be treated with just a dab.

when to use it

AM or PM after cleansing, or at night as a spot treatment.

Spot the difference

Kate Somerville
EradiKate Acne Treatment
why we love it

This is our kind of triple threat. Sulfur, AHAs and Zinc Oxide tag team to clear current breakouts, reduce appearance of pores and keep oil under control.

who should use it

Normal and combination skin types as a spot treatment.

when to use it

Use overnight to dry out spots.

Here’s the tea

Green Tea Moisturizer
why we love it

We’re spilling the tea on this oh-so-soothing moisturizer. Green tea reduces inflammation and redness while hyaluronic acid adds moisture back into the skin without clogging pores.

who should use it

Anyone looking for lightweight moisture.

when to use it

Swap it into your moisturizing routine! It’s safe to use every day.

Cleanse the day away

Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic
Acid Acne Treatment Cleanser
why we love it

It’s the deep clean you want, minus the irritation you don’t. Salicylic acid breaks down debris inside your pores to keep things clear. Bonus: the subtle orange scent makes your skincare routine feel ultra-luxe.

who should use it

Acne-prone skin that wants to feel seriously clean.

when to use it

AM and PM. If dryness occurs, switch to once a day.

Balancing act

First Aid Beauty
Skin Rescue Acne Clearing Charcoal Cleanser 5.0 oz
why we love it

Probiotics are in more than just your fave kombucha! Restore microbial balance, supporting good bacteria and nixing the bad. Meanwhile maximum strength 2% salicylic acid eliminates gunk inside of your pores. Some detoxifying charcoal finishes off this trifecta.

who should use it

Sensitive skin? This one’s for you.

when to use it

AM and PM. If dryness occurs, use less frequently.

Smooth operator

African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Wash & Scrub
why we love it

Don’t want no scrub? Think again. Smooth jojoba beads exfoliate while African black soap and Shea Butter detoxify and hydrate. The ultra-gentle formula will leave your skin soft and smooth.

who should use it

Oily skin types looking for gentle exfoliation.

when to use it

Once or twice a week.

Rx-worthy results

Acne Treatment
why we love it

A prescription is no longer required for adapalene, a retinoid that speeds up cell turnover, clears breakouts and restores skin texture. Skip the waiting room and prevent acne long-term!

who should use it

Anyone with chronic acne who needs something a little stronger.

when to use it

Every day in the PM (and don’t forget sunscreen the next morning!)

Instant gratification

Ulta Beauty Collection
Charcoal Nose Strips
why we love it

Seeing is believing! Get that satisfaction watching these charcoal strips draw out blackheads, while witch hazel tones and tightens pores.

who should use it

Anyone with clogged pores on their nose.

when to use it

No more than every 3 days.

Book an appointment for a customized facial at The Skin Bar located in Ulta Beauty.

why we love it

Deep cleansing action breaks up dirt and oil deep within pores. Available in 20 to 90 minute sessions so you can make it work for your life.

who should try it

Anyone and everyone! They’re customized for *your* skin needs.

when to use it

Repeat every four weeks to maintain a healthy complexion and clearly happy pores.

Cleansing Tips For Treating Acne

Proper cleansing is the fundamental of any good skincare routine, but it’s especially important for those with acne-prone skin! Watch Kristen talk through 3 top products, plus tips for your best cleanse.