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Tweezerman Glass Nailcare Set #1
Tweezerman Glass Nailcare Set #1

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TweezermanGlass Nailcare Set

Item 2605911

4.7 out of 5 stars. 117 reviews


The Tweezerman Glass Nailcare Set has all the essentials to keep your natural nails polished. Includes tools for cuticle maintence, nail shaping and shining. Glass material is gentle on nails, durable and reusable.



  • Nail file shapes and smooths nail edges into desired shape.
  • Nail Buffer gently smooths and polishes nail bed to a high shine.
  • Angled end of the cuticle pushy precisely pushes back cuticles while pointed end cleans around nail edges.
  • Glass material is durable, gentle to use, and easy to clean.
  • Sustainable alternative to disposable tools.

How To Use

  1. Apply moisturizer or cuticle cream onto clean nails to gently soften cuticles. Use angled end of Glass Pushy to push back cuticles and pointed end to clean around nail edges.
  2. Shape and smooth nail edges with Glass Nail File. Start at the side of the nail and file in one direction towards the center. Repeat from opposite side.
  3. Finish with the Glass Nail Buffer to smooth and shine away imperfections on nail beds.

Tool Cleaning Tips: Clean after each use with alcohol or peroxide. Caution: Handle glass buffer with care. If breakages occur, dispose of glass carefully.