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The best beauty products for holiday travel

Your travel beauty checklist of TSA-approved minis, in-flight hydrators and de-stressing must-haves.

Everything you need to make holiday travel a little less hectic.

Going home or to a dreamy destination for the holidays can be joyful. But flight transfers, dehydrating plane air and possibly sharing a bathroom with multiple family members? Not so much. Enter our tried-and-true roundup of the best travel beauty products. Spoiler alert: Satin scrunchies and clear storage cases are MVPs.


Jet lag? Never heard of her. With the right combo of hydrators, skin soothers and relaxation boosters, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for the festivities ahead. (Sadly, there’s no serum that can fix flight delays.) Pack these in your carry on, cue up a nostalgic holiday flick and prepare to chillax from wheels up to touch down.

☐ Sleep mask

☐ Hydrating mist

☐ Under eye masks

☐ Calming patches

☐ Hydrating hand sanitizer


When traveling with (or to visit) family, a quick shower might be the only me-time we get. Let’s make it an experience. Choose TSA-friendly (3.4 ounces max) shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, face cleansers and body washes that feel like a self-care ritual. Our team can’t get enough of this spa-like shower steamer. And don’t forget post-shower moisturizers and serums to nurture your skin all over.

☐ Travel shampoo

☐ Travel conditioner

☐ Travel hair mask

☐ Travel face wash

☐ Travel body wash

☐ Travel body skin care

☐ Travel facial skin care


Hot tools can take up valuable luggage real estate—and your bags may already be packed with holiday gifts. Instead of bringing your usual blow dryer or styling iron, consider these smaller, lighter but equally powerful versions. They’re stylist approved, fun to use and help avoid overweight baggage fees. We also recommend packing a shower cap and some satin scrunchies to extend your style and give your hair a little break.

☐ Travel dryer

☐ Mini iron

☐ Shower cap

☐ Satin scrunchie


First, pack a tight edit of your usual makeup staples so you have everything you need to feel like you. (Some are available in mini! See below.) Then, grab some credit card-sized palettes and multi-tasking lip/cheek/eye tints for when you want to mix things up. Bonus, you’ll feel extra fab in all your holiday pics.

☐ Makeup minis

☐ Compact palettes

☐ Multitaskers


The right beauty packing system helps you find exactly what you want, when you want it. Transparent cases are super convenient when you’re digging through luggage. We love hanging organizers (hook them over the shower or towel rack) to prevent holiday travel essentials from cluttering small hotel or guest bathroom counters. And we always recommend at least one opaque case for anything you want to store a bit more discreetly.

☐ Large clear case

☐ Smaller clear cases

☐ Hanging organizer

☐ Opaque, discreet case