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HAPPYSKINCO Ice IPL Hair Removal Handset #1
HAPPYSKINCO Ice IPL Hair Removal Handset #1

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HAPPYSKINCOIce IPL Hair Removal Handset

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Want silky smooth skin? The HappySkinCo Ice IPL Hair Removal Handset will give you salon-like results from the comfort of your home!



  • Say goodbye to shaving and expensive laser hair removal sessions for good and achieve long term hair removal results from the comfort of your home
  • Remove unwanted hair from ANY body part including legs, arms, face, chin, underarm and brazilian!
  • Noticeable hair reduction in as little as 3-4 weeks


  • 999K flashes with an LED display screen
  • Ice Cooling Technology to transport you to a salon-like experience (perfect for those with sensitive skin!)
  • 5 intensity levels so you can find the perfect match for your skin type
  • 3 easy to use modes including automatic, glide and manual
  • Extra long power cord so you can use it comfortably and easily anywhere in your home!
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design that fits comfortably into your hands
  • Energy Level: 5-15j/cm2


  • HappySkin Ice IPL Hair Removal Handset
  • Power Supply
  • User Guide

How To Use


  1. Shave the desired areas of the skin first. A close to skin shave is advised for the best results Do not pluck, wax or epilate the hair as the hair follicle does need to be in tact for IPL to be effective.
  2. Clean and dry the skin completely after shaving, and ensure that the skin is free from any creams, oils, tans and moisturizers. There is no need to apply any cooling gels, creams or any other products on the skin before your IPL session.

The spot test is intended to determine your skin's suitability to IPL, and to help you select the optimal energy level for each treatment area.

  1. Do a spot test on each area of skin you intend to treat. This must be done 48 hours before you intend to complete your first full session.
  2. Set up the device in Manual Mode.
  3. Deliver the first flash on intensity level 1 by pressing the flash button once.
  4. Move the handset to the next section of skin. Use the power / intensity button to increase the intensity level to 2. Deliver your next flash by pressing the flash button once.
  5. Continue to increase intensity level until you reach the maximum intensity level recommended for your skin tone. Stop the test if you notice adverse effects.


  1. Insert the Power Cord into the Power Port. Press and hold the Power Button down for 1.5 seconds to turn the handset on.
  2. Press the Intensity Button down to choose your desired level of intensity as shown on the LED screen.
  3. Press the Cooling Button down once to turn on the Cooling Function. Leave this step if you do not wish to use the Cooling Function during your session.
  4. Place the Light Window flush on the skin and press the Flash Button to release one flash. With each flash, move the handset down the skin and continue on the desired body part until you have covered all areas. You may go over the treatment area up to three times per session to ensure all areas have been thoroughly treated.
  5. Once you have completed your session, press and hold the Power Button down for 1.5 seconds to safely power the handset off. This will trigger the countdown timer, displayed on the LED screen.

Precautions: IPL is not suitable for blonde, red, grey or white hair. Consult your physician before use if you have any pre-existing skin conditions or health concerns. Do not use if you are or may be pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use on tattoos, birthmarks, warts or metal items such as body piercings. Do not use if your skin type is indicated as unsuitable by the skin tone chart located on the back of the box and inside the user guide.

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