TweezermanBell Bottom Blue Classic Lash Curler

Item 2559608

Tweezerman Bell Bottom Blue Classic Lash Curler #1


Everything old is new again: 70's inspired style takes center stage in both fashion and accessories with Tweezerman's Bell Bottom Blue Classic Lash Curler. No retro-revival would be complete without bell-bottom blue a color that defined an era.

How To Use

Always curl lashes before applying mascara. To achieve your lash look, start with lashes free of mascara. This curler can be used with natural lashes or false lashes that are applied.

  1. Hold the curler with your thumb on the underside of the body and fingers through the loop.
  2. Open eyes wide to insert corner lashes and with curler pad positioned at the base of your lash line, hold handles firmly and gently squeeze.
  3. Hold for a few seconds, then open curler slowly to completely release lashes.
  4. Repeat up the length of your lashes for an even more intense curl.

Clean pads after use with alcohol wipe. With daily use, we recommend replacing curler pad after three months and curler after one year.