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Ardell 3D Faux Mink #858, Multi-dimensional False Eyelash with Invisiband #1
Ardell 3D Faux Mink #858, Multi-dimensional False Eyelash with Invisiband #1

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Ardell3D Faux Mink #858, Multi-dimensional False Eyelash with Invisiband

Item 2564947

4.4 out of 5 stars. 7 reviews


Ardell's 3D Faux Mink Lashes #858 are luxuriously layered yet light in weight. These fluttery, full lashes have a mesmerizing, multi-dimensional effect that add definition and depth to make your eyes stand out. Hand-crafted from minky-soft fibers.



  • Slightly Rounded False Lash Profile: Slightly rounded silhouette. Add depth and definition and highlight your eyes with crisscrossing lash fibers that create a natural feathery effect.
  • Softest Faux Mink Fibers: Luxurious and silky-soft faux mink fibers flutter seductively with every glance. Lovely to touch and definitely a sight to behold! Feels so right and natural. But never that heavy feeling weighing down on your eyelids.
  • The Invisiband® lash band system provides an amazingly secure and reliable hold without sticking out like a sore thumb.


  • Multi-Dimensional Falsies: Enjoy the multi-layered goodness of Ardell Faux Mink 858. Don’t settle for fake-looking lashes.
  • Features staggered fiber lash lengths that give your natural lashes astounding texture and fullness!

How To Use

  1. Align band with natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary.
  2. Apply a thin line of adhesive along band. Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to set and become tacky.
  3. Secure lash band by gently pressing onto lash line.

To remove, simply peel off the lash from the outer edge and carefully remove adhesive from the band to reuse.