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Men’s shaving

Shaving for men is an essential aspect of grooming. Developing and incorporating a proper shaving routine into your daily grooming habits can not only enhance your self-confidence, but also lead to healthier skin. At Ulta Beauty, we offer a variety of top men’s shaving products for different hair and skin types.

Shaving cream and razors

Razors should provide a close, smooth shave, while shaving creams should be rich and moisturizing to protect the skin and ensure a comfortable shave. Our selection of men’s shaving creams and razors includes traditional razors and trimmers, as well as shaving creams, butters and gels.

Pro tip: Shaving is more than just the products you choose, it’s also about the technique you use. Make sure you always shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs. After you’re done shaving, clean the razor to prevent it from getting dull.


Aftershave is a crucial part in the shaving process, serving as a soothing agent for the skin after the potentially abrasive action of shaving. Our selection of aftershave products often contains ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter to calm irritation, reduce irritation and promote skin healing. Not only that, but aftershaves also often come in a range of scents, pairing well with your favorite cologne.

Beard Care

Maintain a healthy, well-groomed beard with beard care products including wash, oils and balms. To promote even growth for your facial hair, check out our offered beard trimmers.

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