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Revlon Ceramic Tip Slant Tweezer #1
Revlon Ceramic Tip Slant Tweezer #1

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RevlonCeramic Tip Slant Tweezer

Item 2607529

3.3 out of 5 stars. 4 reviews


Designed to be precise and durable, the Revlon Ceramic Tip Slant Tweezer is able to tweeze fine, stubborn, or short hairs and brows.

How To Use

When tweezing your eyebrows, do it in natural light so you can see every stray, and right after a warm shower to minimize the pain of plucking. While tweezing, go back-and forth between brows to prevent over-tweezing on one side. Finally remember, brows should be sisters- not twins. Do I need to replace my tweezer? Over time with use and being dropped or bumped around in a purse or drawer, tweezer tips may become misaligned or dulled, lowering the precision and performance of tweezers. It's a good idea to replace tweezers every few years or depending on use, to ensure the easiest and most precise brow grooming.