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8 Tips & tricks for using the Ulta Beauty app

Our resident app expert spills everything you need to know.

It's truly a game-changer.

Whether you’re shopping for gifts, sparkly party makeup, cozy season faves or makeup for holiday photos, do not underestimate the power of the Ulta Beauty app. You can instantly access reviews, shipping info, book salon services and so much more.

To make sure that you have the best guidance on your Ulta Beauty app journey, we phoned a friend. Allie has been on the team—and worked on the app—for almost 10 years. She knows EVERYTHING about it. When any of us have questions, we run to Allie! Thankfully, she was willing to share her wealth of knowledge here. (She’s the best like that.) Here, Allie’s app-y Ulta shopping secrets.

Tip #1: Make sure your app is up to date

First things first: the best way to ensure your app runs smoothly—and you get access to all the special perks—is to keep it updated. Usually when folks experience app-related issues, they just need to update to the latest version.

Tip #2 Sign up for push notifications to catch app-exclusive offers

Push notifications are the best way to know when app-exclusive offers drop. There will be many—especially during the holidays. Don't miss out on the extra discounts, brand offers and other app-exclusive deals.

Tip #3 Easily access your membership points

The app’s homepage will always display your membership rewards points and the cash value of those points. We think of it this way: If you use the value of your points to purchase holiday gifts —you’re basically getting them for free. Right? #ultamath

Tip #4 Your app inbox contains special deals too

Follow along with us here for a sec! Open the Ulta Beauty app on your phone. Go to the inbox in the top right corner. There, it will show you any offers that are currently available to you. You can activate bonus points, discounts and more. The app inbox is a favorite (and super simple) Ulta hack.

Tip #5 Scan to shop smarter

Within the app’s search bar, there is a bar code scanner. Use it to scan the bar code of any Ulta Beauty product and the product detail page will pop up. Shopping in the store and wondering what other guests think of a product? Scan the bar code and read the reviews. At home and not sure how long to keep a hair mask on for? Scan the bar code to instantly access application info. Everything you need to know is a quick click away.

Tip #6 Dream up holiday looks in GLAMlab®️

GLAMlab®️ is our app’s virtual try-on feature. You can test out makeup, lashes, nail color, you name it. The holiday season is our favorite time to take advantage of this feature. If you see any of us wearing a new sparkly gloss or jewel-toned shadow at the Ulta Beauty office party, you can bet we “tried it” in GLAMlab®️ first.

Tip #7 Track orders instantly

No need to search your emails, write down tracking numbers or any of that stressful stuff. Your order status is always available at the top right of your app homepage. This is especially helpful when you have lots of presents being delivered and want to make sure you’ll get them in time.

Tip #8 Virtually send gift cards in seconds

Forgot to pick up presents for a teacher, coworker or your favorite spin instructor? We got you covered. Just tap “gifting” followed by “gift cards” and you can instantly send gift cards (virtually) to anyone, anywhere.