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4 ways to reframe resolution season

We’re changing the way we think about new year’s intentions. First up? We’re making them wayyy more fun. You in?

The whole “new year, new you” season can feel a bit daunting. This time around, let’s shake things up. Let’s think about how to add more, not how to restrict. Let’s explore activities that make us light up, not force habits that feel like a chore. Let’s celebrate the wins. Let’s discover more about ourselves. Let's have fun doing it! If you welcome the idea of embracing a fresh start and setting goals, but you struggle with new year’s resolution pressure—or tend to bow out by January 25—you’re not alone. Keep reading for our 2024 new year’s resolution tips.

1. Make them fun.

Intentionally infuse fun into every step of achieving your resolutions. Recruit a buddy who always cracks you up. Create a playlist of all your favorite songs. Designate a yummy candle just for working towards that resolution, like “my budgeting candle” or “my journaling candle.” Light it up when you do that activity. Play a funny movie in the background (this has gotten us through many treadmill sessions). Wear a playful accessory or headband that makes you smile. Not only will these fun-boosters make the experience more enjoyable, but you’ll give yourself a little dopamine release, which helps build and strengthen new habits. #Science.

2. Make them attainable.

Is it possible to go from haven't-ran-since-high-school to marathon finisher in 2024? Yes. Is it kinda sorta intimidating? Ummmm...yah! When our goals are lofty, the many steps between where we are and where we want to be can feel so overwhelming that it prevents us from moving towards them. On the other hand, the more realistic our resolution is, the more we believe that it's possible and the more likely we are to stick to habits that help us get there. So, start small and attainable. If you’re marathon-bound, aim to jog (or walk) a few miles a week. You’ll be able to follow through, and soon, you’ll be picking up speed and racking up the miles. (Don’t forget to soothe your muscles with a weekly soak!)

3. Make them free-ing (not restricting).

Add, don’t subtract. Want to eat more healthfully? Instead of avoiding a certain type of food like sweets, consider adding fruits and veggies you love to every meal—and maybe a supplement to cover any nutrients you may have missed. Want a more mindful approach to social media? Instead of limiting scroll time, consider following 10 new accounts that inspire you and flood your feed with positivity. (Here’s one that we’re quite partial to!) Want to spend less money? Rather than never splurging, set aside funds for a special treat that you’ll really look forward to. Maybe even tie it to hitting a resolution milestone, as a reward. When you focus on all that you can have and can do, it is much easier, much more liberating and much more fun to stick to.

4. Make them yours.

Are you finding resolution inspo from friends, fam or folks you follow on social media? Check in with yourself to see if this goal is really something that speaks to you. If it does, find ways to customize it and make it yours. If it doesn’t, skip it and find something that does speak to you. Back to our marathon example: If logging miles sounds like torture for you, but you’ve mastered every TikTok dance, maybe swap the running resolution and commit to a weekly dance class. Remember: It’s your year. It’s your life! And your resolutions will be easier to commit to and will feel so much more rewarding if they’re a true reflection of who you are, what brings you joy and the life you want to create.

Resolutions We’d love to hear about your resolution journey. If you post about it, please tag us with @ultabeauty and #joyforward so we can cheer you on. Whatever you’re striving for, we wish you a beautiful, joyful, fun and authentic 2024. Let’s make it our best year yet!