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Let’s spark a movement

Join our mission to create 10 million moments of Joy and see how beauty—inside and out—can make the world a better place!

Beauty bonds us together

Our inner circle helps shine a light on our true beauty, so we’re kicking off a movement to celebrate those that bring out the best in us and make beauty a force for good. Help us create a wave of joy that lifts up everyone so we can all move #JoyForward.

Celebrate your inner circle

You know those people who always make you feel amazing? It’s time to show them some love! Tell them how beautiful they are—because to feel joy, we must first give joy, and we can give joy by complimenting those around us.

Spread the Joy!

Post your joy-filled moments with your bestie and tag #JoyForward and @UltaBeauty. Let’s light up our feeds with stories about joy and connection.

Introducing Generation Joy, a new generation of beauty enthusiasts of all ages who are bonded by beauty and united by joy. We've done extensive research to uncover how consumers across generations including Gen Alpha, perceive, experience and are influenced by beauty and how joy is the cornerstone of beauty rituals developed over time.

Join The Joy Project™ Movement

At Ulta Beauty, we believe beauty is more than just products on a shelf. It's about the connections we forge and the moments of pure joy we share with loved ones. That's why we created The Joy Project™! This movement is all about spreading positivity and celebrating real beauty.

Join us as we shift the conversation from comparison to connection. Share your favorite beauty rituals and tips with your friends and family, helping them discover their own inner glow. Unleash the power of a compliment! Tell someone special what makes them shine and watch their confidence soar.

Let's spread the joy even further! Share photos and stories showcasing your joyful connections using #JoyForward. Together, we can inspire each other and rewrite the narrative of beauty, one joyous moment at a time.