Simplifying Scalp Care

The root of healthy hair is a happy scalp. Removing buildup from dry shampoo and other products will make your strands stand out. Our expert stylist shares how good scalp care helps you achieve your hair goals.

Tips of the Trade

By Design Team Stylist Gilad Goldstein

Goal 1: Grow Your Hair

Try a scalp scrub. They stimulate skin and remove impurities to boost hair growth. Use once a week for maximum benefit.

Goal 2: Banish Buildup

Scalp exfoliating treatments are a best bet for removing product buildup that dulls hair. Clarify once a week to keep color vibrant. Oily hair types can use twice a week.

Goal 3: Do a Detox

Look for a treatment with activated charcoal to draw out dirt, pollutants and restore hair’s natural radiance.


Perfect hair Day (PhD) Triple Detox Shampoo

Why It’s Our Hero

This chelating shampoo removes metals and hard water mineral buildup that can irritate your skin and damage hair

Best Use

For a fresh start: stronger than clarifying shampoos, chelating ones purge impurities and product buildup that can lead to dry scalp and fade hair color.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub
with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Why It’s Our Hero

Apple cider vinegar exfoliates flaky skin, rids buildup and rebalances pH to restore hair’s softness and sheen. Perfect for when you need to ditch the itch, fast.

Best Use

For color care: color-locking technology keeps your hue true, your hair clean and your scalp totally soothed.

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System 2 Scalp Treatment

Why It’s Our Hero

If excess oils are getting your fine hair down, this leave-on treatment is a perfect pick up. It refreshes your scalp with lush botanicals to clear hair follicles of buildup.

Best Use

For fine hair: thickens the look of thin locks by plumping each strand. Apply after cleansing and conditioning. Choose from six different systems based on your hair.

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Paul Mitchell

Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment

Why It’s Our Hero

Your scalp and skin crave the same care. Try this blend of vitamin E, shea butter and willow bark to treat itchy scalps. Natural tea tree oil relieves dandruff, too.

Best Use

For extra TLC: repairs, protects and hydrates strands while calming skin for total rejuvenation. Use 1-2 times per week in place of conditioner.

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Bumble and Bumble

Scalp Detox

Why It’s Our Hero

This tingly detoxifier goes on your scalp before it’s wet. The fizzing foam penetrates below the surface to clear pores with a cooling sensation you can feel.

Best Use

For an instant refresh: micro bubbles dissolve product buildup, oil and impurities in an invigorating rush.

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Kenra Professional

Platinum Deep Detox Scrub

Why It’s Our Hero

Love a good charcoal mask? Your scalp will, too. This intense weekly treatment pulls out toxins and dulling impurities from below the surface.

Best Use

For a total detox: charcoal treats dandruff and an oily, itchy scalp while renewing your hair’s natural shine.

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