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This month’s Hair Heroes is Curl Refreshing Sprays. Discover our six product picks to help you achieve your hair goals. This month’s Hair Heroes is Curl Refreshing Sprays. Discover our six product picks to help you achieve your hair goals.

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Haley Kimble, Design Team Stylist

Tips of the Trade

Darlene Juhasz, Design Team Stylist


Reactivate your curl pattern between washes with a curl refreshing spray—they also add moisture, softness and shine.


Spray on your palms and work into wet or dry curls, scrunching up toward your scalp for an instant refresh.


When you want that extra definition, spray individual curls and twist them around your fingers or a flexi rod.

They Delay Wash Day


Moisture Memory Reactivator

Why It’s Our Hero

Washing your curls too often can strip their natural oils. Skip the suds and reach for this 100% vegan spray that combines apricot kernel and avocado to naturally hydrate your hair and scalp.

Best Use

For those mid-weekdays when your curls crave that extra pop without a full-on wash.

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They Refresh Second-Day Curls


DevaFresh Scalp & Curl Revitalizer

Why It’s Our Hero

Your scalp sweats, just like your skin—which means odors happen. This odor-neutralizing spray refreshes curls and helps soothe your scalp so you look and feel fresh between wash days.

Best Use

For boosting moisture, definition and volume—all with an invigorating fresh scent.

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They Do Away with Dullness


Rose Water Curl Refresher

Why It’s Our Hero

Curls looking dull? They’re probably (really) thirsty. Try natural ingredients like rose water and coconut oil to hydrate, smooth and refresh overworked strands when you can’t shampoo.

Best Use

For enhancing shine, softness and manageability with hair-loving ingredients.

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They Bring Back the Oomph


Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray

Why It’s Our Hero

We’ve been there—bouncy curls at 8am, totally flat noon. Try this lightweight spray to infuse moisture with nourishing botanical extracts like rose hip, centella and aloe.

Best Use

For waking up curls with lasting definition and buoyancy. Great on wet or dry hair.

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They Deeply (Deeply) Hydrate


Heavenly Hydration Grapeseed Hair Mist

Why It’s Our Hero

Moisturize your curls, sans buildup. The secret? Grapeseed oil, a hydrating hero that won’t weigh you down. This spray will give your curls that touchable softness they crave.

Best Use

As your go-to leave-in hair mist for adding shine and softness between shampoos.

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They Define Your Curls


EIMI Nutricurls Fresh Up Anti-Frizz Refresh Spray

Why It’s Our Hero

Some days you’re just not feeling frizz. When you want more definition, this spray uses softening jojoba oil to keep curls bouncy and smooth for up to 72 hours. Take that, humidity.

Best Use

For totally defined curls and waves with mega manageability and major softness. Mist over damp or dry hair.

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Fresh Cuts, Fierce Curls

Define your curls with a new cut and style—includes a consultation and scalp massage.

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How-To: Refresh Your Curls

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