Festival Hair

From glitter hair to box braids, festival hairstyles are massive fun. Our product lineup helps you do it up big.

>From glitter hair and box braids to sky-high topknots, festival hairstyles are massive fun. Our product lineup helps you do it up big. >From glitter hair and box braids to sky-high topknots, festival hairstyles are massive fun. Our product lineup helps you do it up big.

Your Festival Hair Lineup

Style is in the spotlight all weekend long when you catch these acts for your festival looks.

Design Team Stylist, Darlene Juhasz

Tips of the Trade

By Design Team Stylist, Darlene Juhasz

Goal 1: Glitter Roots

Use glitter sprays and gels—for a fun festival look, add to your part line, space buns or chunky braids for depth.

Goal 2: Color on Cue

Temporary color sprays give you vivid color without the commitment—go bold and apply a few times.

Goal 3: No-Mess Refresh

Dry shampoos revive and restyle hair, even in the heat. Pro tip for oily hair types: use a silicone-free formula.

The Early Set


Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray

Why It’s Our Hero

Because your double bubble ponytail won’t defy gravity on its own, this barely-there setting spray gives it airy lift, medium hold and no crunch or powdery residue.

Best Use

Perfect for finishing freeform festival hairstyles, holding triangle braids, or refreshing looks that need a little pick-me-up at sunset.

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The Big Talent


Uplifting Foam

Why It’s Our Hero

Specially designed to create weightless volume right where you want it. Adds tons of body and bounce to keep your style amped up all day along.

Best Use

For major lift, spray evenly from roots to ends in a zigzag pattern and style away from scalp. Works great on wet or dry hair with no stiffness or flaking.

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The Dreamy Day-tripper


Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray

Why It’s Our Hero

Salt-free texture spray lets you create beachy and Boho looks year-round. Plus, it’s vegan, color-safe, and shields UV rays from that midday festival sun.

Best Use

Get soft, natural waves that last through every set—spray on sections of hair, twist and release to let your locks jam out.

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The Colorful Headliner

Lime Crime

Unicorn Hair Star Mist Rosé

Why It’s Our Hero

Whether you’re a festival pro or a newbie, this ultra-fine mist evenly dusts your braids and waves with a pink-gold shimmer, reflecting light of sun, stars and stage.

Best Use

So easy to use—just shake and spray before that 3 p.m. set. Provides light hold and washes out after one wear, so you can go on to your next look.

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The Big Encore


Color Me Clean Rose Gold
+ Dry Shampoo

Why It’s Our Hero

Adds buildable accents and rose gold highlights while absorbing oils and odors. Quinoa and charcoal powder help detoxify your scalp (hello, Day 3!).

Best Use

Shake and spray on roots after a disco nap. Kicks up your color with a fresh blast pigment while soaking up oil after a day out dancing.

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The Aftershow

TIGI Bed Head

Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo

Why It’s Our Hero

After a full day of frolics, your hair needs a reboot, too. This super fine powder absorbs oils to release massive body with a sheer and even finish.

Best Use

Retexturize your wavy bob before hitting the afterparties. Brunettes will love that there’s no white caste and finishes with a matte look.

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From braids to bold colors, get your best fest look with us.

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