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DERMAFLASH MINI Precision Peach-Fuzz Removal Device #1
DERMAFLASH MINI Precision Peach-Fuzz Removal Device #1

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DERMAFLASHMINI Precision Peach-Fuzz Removal Device

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3.9 out of 5 stars. 83 reviews
Color:Pop Pink MINI Precision Peach-Fuzz Removal Device Pop Pink


DERMAFLASH MINI is a compact version of their hero LUXE device, powered by the same sonic dermaplaning technology, yet specifically designed for peach fuzz removal for those hard-to-reach spots around the lips, eyes, and brows.



  • Targeted, on-the-spot exfoliation, anywhere, anytime
  • Ultra-slim, Precision MINI Edge design for ease of use
  • Proven skin-refreshing results
  • Painlessly removes unwanted peach fuzz
  • Instantly provides a cooling sensation to depuff eyes and destress skin
  • Travel-friendly, compact design

Research Results

  • Clinically proven that hair WILL NOT grow back faster or thicker
  • Instantly: Skin is refreshed, smoother, and fuzz free

How To Use

Getting Started

  1. Insert AAA Battery (included)
  2. Press Power Button to turn device on.
  3. After use, eject single-use Precision MINI Edge directly into wastebasket.
  4. To load new Precision MINI Edge: slide DERMAFLASH MINI into Edge tray to engage. When it clicks, lift device straight up.

Use DERMAFLASH MINI as needed for any touch-up, anytime, anywhere.

Press power button to turn your DERMAFLASH MINI on. You will feel a subtle, sonic vibration.

DERMAFLASH MINI is specifically designed to be used on your upper lip, eyebrow area, and orbital bone. Hold your DERMAFLASH MINI at a 45o angle. Using short, feathery strokes, de-fuzz and de-flake hard-to-reach areas.

As needed, flip the device over and glide the cooling roller ball under and around the eyes to help cool, refresh, and wake up tired, puffy eyes. Be sure to discard the used Precision MINI Edge before using the roller ball.

PRO TIP: Pair DERMAFLASH MINI with your weekly DERMAFLASH LUXE full-face dermaplaning treatment to target those hard-to-reach areas.

Precautions: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. 1. Consult your dermatologist prior to using DERMAFLASH MINI device (DERMAFLASH MINI or "Device") if you have medical concerns.

  1. DO NOT use DERMAFLASH MINI on unintended areas of the body including on surface of lips, nose and eyelids. DERMAFLASH MINI is designed ONLY for use on the face and chin.

  2. DO NOT use DERMAFLASH MINI on active acne, psoriasis, rosacea, open sores, skin with a rash, sunburned or distressed skin or on skin surfaces where cuts, abrasions or any kind of healing is present. DO NOT use Device on moles, cancerous areas or lesions or on skin which has recently been treated with a laser or recently chemically treated.

  3. Some users report a temporary tingling feeling after using the Device. This may be due to increased microcirculation. DO NOT use DERMAFLASH MINI if you experience a worsening of the skin (skin feels tense, uncomfortable, irritated, red, burning, etc.). STOP using DERMAFLASH MINI and consult your doctor.

  4. Children should not use or play with the DERMAFLASH MINI. The Device has not been tested on children.

  5. DO NOT reuse an Edge. For hygiene, safety, and best results ALWAYS use a NEW Edge. Discard used Edge directly into wastebasket after use.

  6. DO NOT use DERMAFLASH MINI device or Edges that are damaged or appear damaged and never attempt to open or repair the device. Doing this could result in injury or possible fatal electric shock. This product contains no serviceable parts.

  7. DO NOT use, place or store DERMAFLASH MINI device where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. The device is NOT intended for immersion or use in the shower.

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