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Beauty without limits

Inspired by Heritage

Rich history and the bright future of innovation. These Latin founders bring both. We asked them how their culture shaped and influenced them, so, read on, shop and support—this month and always.

Becky G

Founder of Treslúce Beauty

On being Mexican-American

"Ads growing up didn’t have anyone who looked like me, and it'd make me think 'Am I not beautiful? Am I not good enough?’ Through self-discovery I learned to embrace my own unique beauty.”

On diversity within the community

“We don’t all look the same. We come in every shade. People say it all the time, but it’s true: Latinos are not a monolith. There is no one size fits all.”

On finding her own beauty

“I want to create the best version of myself, so I accept who I am through the good and the bad. It’s always deeper than the makeup, but makeup to me enhances the beauty from within.”

Camila Coelho

Founder of Elaluz

On being Brazilian

“I grew up in a culture that saw the best in things, that knew how to dance in the streets, love each other deeply and have FUN! The confidence and vibrancy is something to be celebrated.”

On how Brazil impacted her brand

“Brazil is vibrant, outdoorsy and follows the sunshine, so Elaluz offers products to bring out everyone’s best glow using unique Brazilian ingredients.”

On the value of individuality

“We’ve come a long way in beauty, moving past a ‘one-size fits all’ narrative but there’s still work to do. The more individuality and uniqueness are embraced in the industry, the better off we’ll be.”

Julissa Prado

Founder & CEO of Rizos Curls

On being Mexican-American

“I grew up seeing the heart and hustle it takes to thrive in a new country. The confidence and fearlessness it instilled made me feel like anything was possible.”

On community and entrepreneurship

“As a daughter of immigrants who grew up in predominantly Latino neighborhoods, I was so inspired seeing people create magic with very little. It helped build confidence and pride in where I come from.”

On the inspiration behind her brand

“When I was younger, there weren’t many resources on how to care for my curly hair. I wanted clean, natural products that celebrate all curl types, from my tia’s coily strands to my sister’s loose waves.”

Carolyn Aronson

Founder & CEO of It's A 10

On being Puerto Rican

“My Latin culture (100% Puerto Rican!) is full of enthusiasm, color, creativity and pride. It shows in all I do—including my brand.”

On the beauty of her culture

“The uniqueness and brilliance span across everything from the language and the music to the dance, art, culture, as well as in the beautiful people.”

On growing up “different”

“I had to get used to being different than most people around me. My pitch-black hair. My immense passion for everything I do. It's all a reflection of my Latina heritage—which I’m immensely proud of.”

Rea Ann Silva

Founder & CEO of Beautyblender

On being Latina

"Getting made up and dressing up is part of my culture. As a makeup artist, I designed Beautyblender so they could feel flawless every day."

On a broader definition of beauty

“We don’t all need to look any certain way. I’ve always appreciated that Latin cultures celebrate all different shapes and sizes of women. Our definition of beauty is so much broader.”

On how inclusivity has progressed

“When I started out as a makeup artist, I honestly didn’t get to embrace my Latina heritage the way that I do now. Now I’m learning to celebrate my culture, and I get to do it proudly.”

Sonsoles Gonzalez

Founder & CEO of Better Not Younger

On being Venezuelan

“My culture taught me money can’t buy happiness. I grew up in Venezuela where poverty is everywhere. Yet people always see the bright side of things and find humor in everyday situations.”

On celebrating diversity

“Our advertising celebrates women of diverse skin tones and hair types. We’re all about inclusivity, giving women over 40 the chance to look as great as they feel.”

On beauty at any age

“I’m totally embracing my beauty now at age 58! I may no longer have the tight skin or cheekbones I once had, but I feel great in my own skin. Beauty to me has no age limit.”

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