Wet BrushCustom Care DIY Curl Detangling Brush

Item 2583930

Wet Brush Custom Care DIY Curl Detangling Brush #1


Meet Wet Brush's Custom Care DIY Curl Detangling Brush. Specifically designed for curly hair, this brush allows you to add and remove bristle rows to tailor your detangling to your unique curl pattern.



  • Gentle no-snag nylon bristles minimize damage while styling
  • Each bristle row can be removed to customize brush for your unique hair needs
  • Anti-static rubber pad does not slide or cause frizz when styling the coarsest of curls
  • Ergonomic non-slip EZ Grip Handle provides a comfortable and gentle hold while detangling
  • Multiple bristle thicknesses specifically designed to reduce pulling & gently detangle curls
  • Minimizes breakage and shedding