The Vintage Cosmetic CompanyCherry Print Shower Cap

Item 2584189

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Cherry Print Shower Cap #1

Size:1 ct


Want to keep your do dry when things are getting hot, wet, and steamy? Splash out on The Vintage Cosmetic Company's Shower Cap Cherry. When it's time for some good, clean Doris Day-style bathroom fun, this 50s-inspired shower cap is a gal's best pal.



  • Shower & bathe to your heart's content with no chance of frizz or a limp, damp do raining on your parade
  • Carefully sized to suit all hairstyles
  • Gently elasticated for a fit snug enough to ensure every little strand & curl stays safely under wraps
  • A pretty-in-pink, fully waterproof, polka dot lining keeps your do as dry as a James Bond martini
  • You can even treat your hair to a mask & sleep on it, knowing your pillow is perfectly protected

How To Use

Hand-wash only. Air-dry after use.