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Online Only Toner

S.W. Basics

Online Only Toner


4.0 oz Item 2507416

For a lot of people, toner is a skincare afterthought, but S.W. Basics Toner is an absolutely essential part of any nighttime routine. It features organic, raw apple cider vinegar (with the "mother"!) and witch hazel, both renowned natural pH balancers. They help even complexion and neutralize the skin's acid mantle so that if you're too oily, you get less oily, and if you're too dry, you get less dry. And that's pretty magical.

Also featured in S.W. Basics USDA-Certified Organic Toner are essential oils of clary sage and sandalwood, which have natural antiseptic properties to fight acne-producing bacteria and to add a delicate, woodsy undernote to the bright scent of the apple cider vinegar.

Altogether, there are only 5 ingredients, total, in S.W. Basics Toner. Why? Because fewer ingredients means higher-potency products and less chance for irritation, making it a perfect choice for sensitive and over-burdened skin.
Shake well and apply with cotton after cleansing the face.
Water, Organic, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Essential Oils Of Clary Sage And Sandalwood.


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