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Sunless Tan Mistake Remover Sponge


Sunless Tan Mistake Remover Sponge

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Easily remove self tanning mistakes and buildup from hands, feet, ankles, and more with Ulta's Sunless Tan Mistake Remover Sponge.

  • No chemicals, just add water
  • Removes unwanted self tanner
  • Helps blend application mistakes and lines
  • Removes color build up on wrists, feet and ankles
1. Dampen before use (do not use dry).

2. DO NOT SCRUB SKIN. Gently wipe skin in one direction to fade color.

3. Sponge will begin to disintegrate with use. Discard and replace sponge when needed.

4. Use the tip of the heart for precise tan removal, such as between fingers and toes. Use larger areas and sides to help gently blend tanning lines and streaks, such as on ankles and wrists.

Smart Tip: Be gentle! Start slow, gently wiping away tan. Take breaks to make sure you don't experience irritation or redness.

Precautions: Do not use on delicate areas of skin such as the face and neck. Do not use on the same section of skin repeatedly. May cause irritation. If irritation persists, discontinue use.


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