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Online Only Soniclear Pedi Head

Michael Todd Beauty

Online Only Soniclear Pedi Head


Item 2288462

Turn your Soniclear Elite sonic powered cleansing system into the ultimate at-home pedicure device with Michael Todd Beauty's Soniclear Pedi Head, a stainless steel textured smoothing disc. Just attach the disc to the Soniclear like a brush head; no separate "feet only" device required.

The Pedi head safely and effectively exfoliates rough, dry foot skin for noticeably smoother, softer feeling skin. No more unsightly dry, chalky skin! Comes with built-in protection against microbial contamination of the brush.

Compatible with only the Soniclear Elite model.

The inventors of Soniclear recognized that skin cells and moisture remaining on pedi and brush heads between uses can create conditions for bacteria to grow. So all Soniclear pedi and brush attachments are treated during the manufacturing process with proprietary LIFE antimicrobial product protection - a Soniclear exclusive - to guard against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. Traditional pedicure and skin cleansing systems do not provide this protection. The antimicrobial protection in Soniclear is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency to guard against stain and odor causing bacteria on the brush heads of your Soniclear.

In laboratory tests, surfaces treated with the antimicrobial in Soniclear showed 99.9% inhibition of stain and odor causing bacteria after 24 hours compared with an untreated control. Safe, effective and long lasting, the antimicrobial product protection in Soniclear Pedi and brush attachments will not wash out or wear off for the normal life of the attachment so Pedi and brush attachments stay cleaner, fresher for longer. Antimicrobial product protection is not a substitute for good hygienic practices nor is it intended to protect the user from disease causing microorganisms. Michael Todd Beauty recommends that you clean the Pedi and brush heads with warm soapy water before and after each use and not share for sanitary reasons.
The Soniclear Replacement Smoothing Pedi Brush is specifically for use on the feet and thick skinned joints. With your Pedi Brush attached, turn your Soniclear on and select the lowest setting. You can adjust the power setting depending upon your skin's needs. The Pedi Brush is designed specifically to be used on clean dry skin. Gently press the Pedi Brush into rough uneven skin using small circular or short back and forth movements. After 20 seconds your Soniclear will beep and momentarily pause signaling you to move to the next area needing attention. When you are satisfied, wash treatment area with warm water and apply a moisturizer to freshly revealed skin. Rinse the Pedi Brush head with warm soapy water.

Precautions: Do not use on the face.


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