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Online Only Sonic Pro Whitening System Replacement Brush Heads

Go Smile

Online Only Sonic Pro Whitening System Replacement Brush Heads

4 ct Item 2507271

The Dental Pro System Replacement Brush Head unique oversized design allows for greater distribution of the blue light from the brush to your teeth. The integrated light wavelengths in the Dental Pro toothbrush reduce harmful bacteria and activate the Teeth Whitening Gel to visibly remove stains during your daily brushing. Over time, residue builds up on your toothbrush head, which can block the blue light, and the bristles can become dull and less effective at removing plaque. Replacing your brush head every three months ensures that the beauty and health of your smile will continue to improve!

This clinically-proven system is the only whitener that combines:
  • Anti-bacterial Bristles - Special soft bristles made to be healthier and cleaner to use. Plus, bristles change color to indicate when it¿s time to change. With GO SMILE, only heads have to be changed, rather than expensive mechanical parts
  • A patented, uniquely oversized shape and two kinds of soft bristles, combined with rubber gum massagers clean teeth thoroughly, up to the gum line where stains can hide
  • A clean brush head allows greater emission of blue light from your Sonic Blue toothbrush, for optimal whitening and antibacterial action
To attach the brush head: Align the Dental Pro Toothbrush head so the bristles face the same direction as the buttons on the handle. Firmly press the Dental Pro Toothbrush Head down onto the shaft until it stops and is snugly in place.

To remove the brush head: Grip the brush head tightly on the rubber sides, just above the neck of the toothbrush. Pull the brush head straight off of the brush - do not twist. Replace Dental Pro Toothbrush Head every 3 months to achieve optimal results.

Note: The brush head fits snugly to prevent it from accidentally coming off, so you will need to pull with some force when removing it.


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