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JaponesqueSlanted Powder Brush


Slanted Powder Brush

Item 2518098

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Expertly designed for flawless powder application, apply powder beautifully with the Japonesque Slanted Powder Brush. Expertly crafted angled brush fibers contour to the angles of the face to evenly apply powder for professional results. The soft hairs and slanted shapes allow maximum pick up and better control while minimizing waste. The blend of natural and synthetic fibers offer a perfect balance of smooth, exquisite application and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal with Japonesque Powders.
  • For best results first use Japonesque Primer and Foundation.
  • Angled head allows for controlled application on curved facial features.
  • Simply dab powder formulation onto angled area and apply.
  • Clean with Japonesque Brush Cleanser.
  • Hair: Natural and Synthetic Blend

    Handle: Wooden


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