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Rainbow Sherbet Bubble Bath Milkshake

Fizz & Bubble

Rainbow Sherbet Bubble Bath Milkshake

8.0 oz Item 2299452

It would be a terrible crime for an ice cream parlor to not have this iconic flavor in their selection. Rainbow sherbet is an absolute classic, ranging all the way across its tangy, semisweet flavor, and the fun, princessy shades of pink, bright orange, and many others. The Rainbow Sherbet Bubble Bath Milkshake is Fizz & Bubble's inventive demonstration of what it would be like if you could indulge in the imagined scents of this timeless delight. The child within you will thank you substantially for an experience that will be likened to scooping ice cream out of the tub and stacking them onto waffle cones. Fun and flavorful for all ages, as well as the perfect gift, these Bubble Bath Milkshakes each contain ONE DOZEN amazing, colorful, moisturizing, fragrance-filled mini bath fizzies. Crowned with a matching mesh sponge, and neatly stored in a plastic, dome-topped cup, this entire arrangement is always paired off with a theme-based, whimsical straw! A Unique 8-Oil Blend! All "fizzy" products feature Fizz & Bubble signature ultra-moisturizing 8-Oil blend that includes a carefully blended fusion of Aloe Vera, Coconut, Grape seed, Sweet Almond, Olive, Avocado, Sunflower, and Jojoba.


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