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Professional Turbo Ionic Dryer In Pink

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Professional Turbo Ionic Dryer In Pink

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When it comes to a blow dryer, two words are music to the ears: fast and smooth. This cheery pink tool delivers both, thanks to unique ion technology and a powerful, 1875-watt motor! Now you can achieve salon-quality blowouts, even when you¿re running late!

Say Goodbye to Frizz
Negative ions have another important superpower-they're the enemies of frizz. So even in the driest environments, they'll prevent the static and moisture depletion that can lead to the frizz and flyaways that diminish the perfection of your blowout.

Options, Lots of Options
Hair is like a snowflake-no two heads are alike. Yours may be fine as silk or heavy as rope; curly or pin straight; cut into a cute pixie or practically grazing your waist. Choosing the right dryer temperature and speed will help you create the look that's best for your hair¿quickly and safely. That's why the two speed and six heat setting options on the Ionic Turbo is a no-brainer¿you can pick the precise combination your hair needs!

Key Features:
  • 1875 watts of power cut down on drying time
  • Six speeds and heat combinations, with separate switches, let you configure your dryer for every type of hair
  • A cool shot button locks your style in place
  • The nozzle works with the accompanying concentrator attachment and with most universal-fit diffusers
  • Removable end cap makes filter-cleaning easy and prolongs the life of the motor
  • Hanging ring and cord guard make storage easy
  • ALCI plug enhances safety
  • Eight-foot, round, tangle-free professional cord gives you a wide range of motion
  • ALCI plug enhances safety
HOT TOOLS PRO TIP #1: The Two-Brush Secret-Here's a pro trick for achieving the ultimate smooth blowout. Divide your hair into sections, and dry each section with a round, boar bristle brush. When you¿re finished, re-divide your hair and go over each section a second time with the dryer and a cushioned styling brush. The round brush will create body, and the cushioned brush will produce shine!

HOT TOOLS PRO TIP #2: Use the Cold Shot to Lock in Your Look-Want to extend the life of your blowout? Use the cold shot button! It emits cool air that instantly lowers the temperature of your hair and prevents it from frizzing, drooping or creasing. Your hair will be shinier, and your style will last longer.

HOT TOOLS PRO TIP #3: Build in Bounce-Try this for creating a bit of curl and bounce as you blow dry. On your last pass through each section, stop just short of the ends, then tilt the brush so it's vertical. Give it a twist so the hair is wrapped around it. Aim the dryer nozzle at the twisted hair on the brush, then let strands cool off before unwinding.


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